Secular gang praises terrorist Afzal Guru’s son and Burhan Wani’s brother for scoring well in 12th exams, do they remember to wish martyred soldier’s families??

The pseudo secular gang has again turned active to praise the son of terrorist Afzal Guru. Afzal Guru was hanged in 2013 after he was found guilt for masterminding the 2001 Parliament attack.

The entire luytyens media and the supporters of Afzal Guru have got very excited after Afzal Guru’s son scored a distinction in the 12th board exam. They have also been crediting Burhan Wani’s brother who scored well. Since morning many supporters of Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani are congratulating him. But these supporters belong to the same gang which are calling Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani  Martyrs and claim that he sacrificed their life for Kashmir.

Take a look!

Mirwaiz Farooq, the leader of the separatists group who had supported Burhan Wani and called the Indian Army murderers are the ones supporting Afzal Guru’s son and Burhan Wani’s brother. This man in his tweet has referred Afzal Guru as Shaheed, which means he is proud that Afzal Guru killed people during the Parliament attack.

Now, the question is why so much praise and publicity for a terrorist’s son?? Fine, if he has chosen to be a good citizen and work for the country, then he deserves to be credited. But on what basis have these people taken the liberty to praise him?

Now, take an example of Syed Salahuddin, the head of Hizbul Mujaheddin, a dreaded terror organisation. All his 5 sons are well educated and are placed in government jobs in Kashmir. The Indian media and secular gang praised them for not following his father’s path and projected them as saints. But just few months back, one of his son got arrested for funding terror organisation and radicalizing youths in Kashmir. It  media along with secular gang who had praised their sons initially went into hiding immediately.

So, tomorrow if Afzal Guru’s son also get caught for supporting terrorism, will the media and secular gang apologize to the nation???

These people who behave as though Afzal Guru’s son and Burhan Wani’s brother have achieved something noble, should know that Afzal Guru was himself a medical student. Similarly Burhan Wani was a topper in his class. Not just him, but Burhan Wani’s successor Zakir Rashid Bhat who was killed by the Army was a tech Savvy guy and was studying third year of his BTech in civil engineering at Ram Devi Jindal College, Lalru, in Punjab’s Mohali.

So most of these terrorists were good students who chose to become terrorists and fight against India. Now, should we really think great about Burhan Wani’s brother scoring good marks in exams? If they really want to prove they would not be like their father’s and brothers, let them serve the country, help the Indian Army nab terrorists, only then can we trust these people!

These media who ridiculed the Indian judiciary and Indian democracy for a terrorist, should also see the condition of the Indian soldiers family who sacrificed their life protecting the Nation.

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Do these people care to know how the daughters of Tukaram Ombale, the man who caught Ajmal Kasab are leading their life? His daughters saw the most difficult times after their father’s death, with no money with no facilities they worked as teachers to earn their living. With great difficulty they completed BEd. Did the secular gang or media congratulate them??

Havildar Gajendra Singh Bisht was killed during 26/11 attack in Nariman house. His daughter was only 9 years old but then she decided to join the forces and serve the country as a tribute to her father. Did the media tell you this story??

Lance Naik Hanmantappa was killed in Siachen last year, his wife who has almost no income wants her daughter to join the forces and serve the country. How many secular gang appreciated her move??

The so called seculars do not care for those who sacrificed their life for Nation but are in the front row to praise a terrorist’s son and brother for scoring marks in exams. Their intention is not about highlighting his marks but to project Afzal Guru and Burhan Wani as heroes of Azadi gang. It is better these people first appreciate the ones who contribute for Nation rather than going bonkers to save terrorists!!!

Aishwarya S