Secularism- Greatest Insult To Great Babasaheb Ambedkar By Vatican Agent Sonia Gandhi

The Constitution of India, was written by a Great Visionary Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, who ironically was awarded the Bharat Ratna ONLY in 1990, by the Opposition Govt. while Nehru initiated Bharat Ratna in 1957 and “Nehru awarded the First Bharat Ratna to Nehru” in 1957 itself. Congress made sure to defeat Dr Ambedkar in elections time and again, as has been exposed by Postcard News many times. However, the Italian Nazi Congress (Sonia) with the help of the most repugnant, detestable species of genocidal maniacs called Communists (KaumNasht), try to Project the Italian Dynasty as Messiah of Dalits. Nothing can be Farther from Truth (Sonia-Vatican exposure of hate against Dalits will be in another article), and insertion of word Secularism is a barbaric attack on the memory of the great architect of Indian Constitution, which has been mauled savagely by specially Italian dynasty to protect one family of foreigner and their dregs.

The Preamble of the Constitution, the 75th Amendment (better cannibalization of Great Babasahab Constitution) by the Dynasty and the despicable breed called Commies, reads SOVREIGN, SOCIALIST, ‘SECULAR’, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC. No doubt other words are not even discussed by the Traitor, evil, detestable, repugnant breed of low life ‘SECULARS’ (and they are Non-Indian OUTSIDERS, prds of depravity mostly, which we will see in subsequently). However, SECULARISM is the most used and abused term with even demonic child rapists e.g  (Yes! Mr Ravish Kumar of NDTV and Mr Hasan Zahoor, of The Hindu both filthy Commie Rags) using the word to escape the law.

But is ‘SECULARISM’ Dr Ambedkar word? Did he Insert it in the Constitution? Dr Ambedkar, a Visionary had written ‘SARV DHARM SAMBHAV ( Equality to all appeasement to none).

SECULARISM: Separation of the state from religion and religious institutions is a word introduced in Christendom, after 1945, John Cornwell in his book ‘Hitler’s Pope-Secret History of Pius XII has exposed the connivance of the Vatican with Hitler and Mussolini (who paid the Papacy more than USD 1 billion) especially for the barbaric extermination of the Jews and this resulted in huge revulsion for the Vatican and Papacy in Europe after the war, as more and more atrocities were exposed. The people of Europe, wanted complete destruction of Vatican shadowy empire, like the Caliphate. To save the Pope and the secret Christian empire which still is most powerful and murderous, the word secularism was introduced by Vatican, to fool the world and let Papacy be untouched and used this weapon secularism to carry on the agenda destroy the ‘Pagan Eastern True religions’ (It is to be noted that much more horrendous savagery was perpetrated on hapless Browns, blacks, colored heathens by white Christians but is never discussed even by supposedly ENLIGTENED white Christendom, WWII impacted the Whites majorly, so it has its villains and Heroes. For majority of Non White, Non Secular, Non White asslicker, called Human world there is No difference between Hitler (who killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers) and Winston Churchill ( who killed 6 million Indians in Bengal Famine but much more painfully and slowly). This word’s history is hence VERY ITALIAN and hence SECULARISM was inserted in Indian Constitution by Sonia Gandhi, the Vatican, KGB agent in India highest echelons, INSULTING THE GREAT GENIOUS OF BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR, Indira Gandhi was just a instrument the REAL CONSPIRATOR and evil influence being Sonia and the crypto Christian (all Commies also same) lobby which actually held the sinews of all power in India specially after Sonia penetration in the top family

This word itself is an insult to great patriot Babasaheb and a conspiracy of church and its power centre Sonia. Here was a Great Patriot and highly educated man who wrote the constitution to be raped by a low life illiterate uncultured uncouth foreigner and White shit pot lickers lowborn SECULARS

Those Pope –Church-Italian Pimps 5 STAR ‘DALIT’ activists running Politics in name of BabaSaheb thus have no respect for BABASAHEB, infact their sleeping with the worst breed of lowlives commies, who used to abuse Babasaheb with choicest words like ‘Imperial dog’ show these ‘5 STAR Dalit activits’ used only his name to work on BREAK INDIA AGENDA of foreign Powers USING DALITS as CANNON FODDER, while they fill their coffers.