Why Seculars lost an opportunity to Communalise the death of a Muslim man in UP? Is any opposition party involved in this?

On Tuesday, the news of death of a Muslim man who came under a truck which had Hindu pilgrims spread like wild fire. The initial reports said that a Muslim man named Wahid, had died after he was crushed by a truck carrying Hindu devotees. The incident took place in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh along the Saharanpur-Mujaffarnagar Highway when the devotees were heading towards Haridwar in their respective trucks.

As soon as the incident took place crowd started gathering at the site and also people started gathering around Wahid’s house. The police administration which was responsible to maintain law and order of the region feared the situation would slip out of hand and might eventually result in communal riot taking place in the region. The area Mujaffarnagar and Saharanpur being communally sensitive areas, police thought they had their job cut out and hence they immediately reached the site.

SDM Ram Vilas Yadav, CO Siddarth Singh and Chief Police Officer Pankaj Tyagi reached the spot along with the force and started enquiring about the incident and also about the man who was accused of being crushed by the truck. The video of the incident, which was filmed by passerby Alok, became viral on social media and the police also got information about the video. The emergence of video and timely action taken by police department ensured that there was no scope for any untoward incident.

Here is the reported video of the incident:

As you can clearly see that the man himself jumped under the truck to commit suicide. Even though the video seems to suggest that it was a suicide, the flat refusal of Wahid’s family for postmortem and also the fact that they have accused no one yet seems to suggest that there might be something which is not meeting the eye of a common man. The family has also made it very clear that they have no intentions of taking this case further.

As per the locals who knew Wahid, say that this mechanic was in no such financial or personal problem as to take the extreme decision of ending his life.

According to some this might also have been an attempt to incite communal violence, as they are questions as to why did Wahid, want to end his life by coming under a truck full of Hindu pilgrims which was on its way to to Haridwar? At the very end of video there comes a man in the bike which has a flag rolled on it. Is that the flag of one of the national political party? Did the prime opposition party orchestrate this incident to give it communal angle and target the government in Uttar Pradesh and centre? Was it a calculated attempt to target the Modi Government by showing the Hindu pilgrims as accused and a Muslim man as a victim?

If it was truly an attempt to defame the state and central government, the attempt has been a failure as the video clearly shows that the Muslim man committed suicide and was not crushed by truck as was reported earlier. If the questions which are being posed by people who witnessed the incident are true, it shows that the opposition party can go to any level to defame the current government.

While the police department has maintained that the incident prima facie looks like suicide, but they have also added that any angle to the death cannot be ruled out and they will be able to come up with a concrete answer only after they investigate the incident and find out the reason behind the death. We do hope that investigation brings out the truth and if it was a planned move, the culprits will be booked and put behind bars.