This security guard has spent 17 years writing 3,000 letters to Indian Martyr’s families!

Gratitude is the mother of all virtues. A life without being grateful to the people, who have directly or indirectly influenced us, is useless. When it comes to matters of national security, there are no bigger heroes than our soldiers. Their sacrifice can never be valued in simple terms. After PM Modi’s Sandesh2Soldiers initiative, a lot of people have come out & expressed their gratitude to the Jawans. But even before the initiative began, there was a 37 year old security guard working in Surat who had written more than 3000 letters to the families of soldiers across India. Jitendra is posted as a security guard for a private firm in Surat.

“I will always be grateful to you for the sacrifice you have made for the country. I promise that your son’s sacrifice will not go unrecognised,” writes Jitendra Singh Gurjar in one of his letters addressed to the family of Late Bhupendra Jaat, a soldier of the Indian Army who lost his life while fighting for the country. Jitendra said that he had been writing these letters since the Kargill war. Jitendra strongly feels for the martyrs & their families. A country must respect its martyrs & fulfil its obligation towards the family members of all those who laid down their lives to protect the motherland. Jitendra observes that there are times when the family members are grief stricken & there is no one to console them. He believes that we must fulfil our moral duties towards those families.

With this feeling, Jitendra began writing letters to the families of the martyrs. He conveyed his respect through the letters & also used it as a medium of expression to tell the families of soldiers that there is someone who thinks about them. The letters acknowledge the contribution & sacrifices of the martyrs towards their motherland.

Jitendra began by collecting the address & contact details from the local newspapers of the Martyrs’ hometowns that he had obtained from different libraries. He writes using postcards & has written over 3000 letters till date. He has collected the details of about 20000 martyrs which include their names, numbers, unit details, addresses etc. The patriot has been working as a security guard for 13 years. He spends from his own pocket to send the post cards & to procure the required addresses.

One of the martyrs’ fathers had once called Jitendra and wanted to meet him in person. They have not been able to meet, but Jitendra still reminds the father, that there is man from Gujarat who still thinks about his son. Jitendra who originally hails from the Kutkheda village of Rajasthan, has named his son after Late Hardeep Singh, a soldier who lost his life while fighting militants in J&K. Jitendra, has been inspired by his father who also served as a soldier in the Indian Army. Jitendra also wanted to join the army, but could not do so. He has visited the families of several martyrs to personally thank them.

His family thinks it’s crazy to be doing something that gives no returns. He says that his middle class background won’t stop him from expressing his gratitude to the families of our brave soldiers. He is determined not to leave the path till the very end.

Alok Shetty