See how Robert Vadra’s Relative Tehseen Poonawalla lied about the Lynching of his Driver

Ardent Congress supporter and brother-in-law of Robert Vadra, Tehseen Poonawalla, took to Twitter to talk about the supposed lynching of his driver. But it was quite evident in his series of tweets that either he didn’t know the truth, or was most likely lying about the whole thing to further the ‘lynchistan’ narrative.

This is his first tweet –

Now maybe his English isn’t the best, but lynching means ‘to put to death by mob action and without legal authority’. He says his driver was lynched, then writes he’s coming to meet him. How can a man who’s supposedly just been killed still alive?

It is simply disgusting to use a word like ‘lynched’ so casually, whether purposely or not. Such tweets can lead to further violence, and the situation can get out of hand.

This is the second tweet –

Now, he admits that he doesn’t know the details, and says his driver is alive. So why did this ‘genius’ use the word lynched in the first tweet?

Now his third tweet –

Finally, he says he doesn’t have any details at all about what happened with his driver. Normally, when a person tweets about something, hereveals more information as he moves along his thread of tweets. This man is doing the opposite – with every tweet he’s claiming he’s more and more in the dark about the matter. Incredible!

But this tweet might be the most revealing of them all. What is the need to mention the religion of the driver? By saying that his driver isn’t a Muslim, is he trying to suggest that no one is safe in the nation today? That not only Muslims, but even Hindus can be victims of mob lynching’s?

This tweet goes to show the inherent mentality of such Rahul Gandhi supporters. All they know is how to play politics of religion, whether behind the scenes on campaign trails or in an open display to the world on a social media platform.

He didn’t finish here. This is his last tweet –


When the Delhi Police handle asked him to report the matter to the local police station, he pompously asks the local police to call his secretary. Does he think the police functions exclusively for him and his likes? Such elitist attitude is nauseating, and no more entertained in the country today.

The Delhi Police has contested his claims. The actual matter was that his driver had gotten into a physical altercation with a boy named Rohit. Both assaulted each other and were later booked by the police.

Looking at the whole series of tweets, there are some obvious questions that need to be asked of this man.

  • What was his motive behind terming a physical brawl between two people a ‘lynching’?
  • Would his stating the religion of the supposed victim somehow expedite the process of ensuring him justice?
  • He must have spent a few minutes writing these tweets, but couldn’t he place a few seconds call to the police to report the matter?
  • As he is portraying himself as somewhat of a humanitarian, why couldn’t he ask the police to directly contact him?

    Vinayak Jain


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