See What Mumbai Businessman Sends Karan Johar as a Reply to his Video Message!

This is the sentiment of every Indian today for Karna Johar’s movie. Karan Cheema, a businessman from Mumbai has sent cheque of Rs 320/- to Karans Johar’s Dharma Production and said “Accept the money for your loss, but will not watch your movie”


This gesture of Cheema sent perfect message to Karan Johar that people of India would give CHARITY  to you rather than watching your movie and insulting the martyr’s. It is simply not possible to watch a Pakistani artist singing and dancing in Bollywood movies now.  When India has thousands of talented youngsters, bringing Pakistani people in movies is only a form of gimmick to attract Pakistanis and a section of people in India to make more money.

The message of Cheema went viral on social media with thousands of supporters offering to pay money but refusing to watch movie. It’s not about Boycott or Hatred, people have simply lost interest to watch the movie. It would prick every true Indian’s conscious.

Karan Johar who sent a video message saying that he will incur huge loss if movie is boycotted, should first understand the people’s sentiment. He speaks about the money of his ONE MOVIE…but doesn’t mention a word about Uri Martyrs nor does he say he will help their family if movie makes profit. So all he cares about is money.

Asking people to ‘Leave Bollywood Alone’ is the most ridiculous statement one can ever make! If Bollywood has nothing to do with Army or country’s sentiment, then for whom are our Jawans dying for ?? Does our Army differentiate between Bollywood and commoners??

Ajay Devagun has announced to donate 50 % of his new movie’s profit to the martyr’s kin. But Karan Johar even now hasn’t spoken a word to help the soldier’s family. Is he so bankrupt that he cannot donate 1 % of his earning to the Army relief fund???

Frankly, give one name of TOP ACTORS in BOLLYWOOD who spend crores and crores on their movies and publicity who have given ONE RUPEE to soldier’s family.

Aamir Khan had once said, Why spend Rs 20 on milk to God, when it can be given to someone….!!! Don’t you think we should now save Rs 200 not watching these movies and instead donate it to Army relief Fund???

Aishwarya S