See What has Changed in Vidarbha Region Since 2 years!

Vidarbha has been a dry region since ages. Successive governments have failed to make it greener. The best way of making the life better in the region was reaching out water from other areas as well as water harvest and ground water recharge. This needed a comprehensive effort which should be backed by political will. The present government in Maharashtra is moving towards this big task.  A focused effort is going towards both bigger and smaller projects.
Most of the irrigation projects are stalled due to lack of funds. Allocation of 12000 crore for these projects shows the importance given by the government to the development of this region. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis reviewed all the flagship projects of the State government in the Nagpur division. He also said that he will meet Madhukar Kimmatkar, the expert member of Vidarbha Statutory Development Board (VSDB). At the same time, Fadnavis also announced that Vidarbha region will get highest share of the 15,000 crore sanctioned by the centre through NABARD. These funds will be mainly used for the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana (PMKSY).
Along with the promotion of large irrigation projects, Fadnavis has also approved 8,623 farm ponds project under “˜Magel Tyala Shet-Tale”™ project (Farm Pond to whoever demands it) out of which 922 have already been completed. The government is also focussing on rejuvenation of former Malgujari tanks.
In this way, the State of Maharashtra is moving towards an integrated comprehensive water solution for thirsty region Vidarbha. The soil in semi arid region is fertile if water is provided. That means, through these measures, which the officials have been directed strictly to implement in most efficient way, Maharashtra will be able to give a green ““ bright spot in the central India.

Akshara Damle