Self proclaimed fact checking website Alt News gets completely exposed after it tries to cover up a fake news published by “Janta Ka Reporter”!

For few of the left leaning alleged fact checkers, who are funded by habitual liars, a lie is not a lie if its done by the members of their own eco-system. Yes, I’m talking about the pseudo fact checking website Alt News, whose founders spread unique and peculiarly manufactured fake news every often.

After Alt News’s Pratik Sinha got exposed in an attempt to save a Congress leader Rajiv Tyagi who had shared a fake news on PM Modi, now the fact-checking website has made an attempt to save one of the hardcore Modi-hating website “Janta Ka Reporter”, who shared a misleading information.

The website Janta Ka Reporter published a totally fictional article with the title “AAP will not be part of anti-BJP alliance for 2019 Lok Sabh polls, says Arvind Kejriwal”. In the article it was mentioned that this information was sourced from Times Now.

But in reality, Times Now never published such a news as Arvind Kejriwal hadn’t given out such kind of statements. So this was the latest addition by Janta Ka reporter in the filed of fake news.

Now that the blunder was already committed and the only way to stop the embarrassment was by covering up the mistake. That’s where the Alt News game into play. The pseudo fact checking website published an article, but there was a twist. The article didn’t even slam the Janta Ka Reporter but attacked the popular parody page “Times How” which is known for its satirical tweets.

Alt News made an bizarre argument stating that Janta Ka reporter was a victim of “Times How” and also claimed that the article was based on the below tweet made by Times How.

Just In : AAP will contest 2019 election alone. After results, we will give outside support to Mahagathbandhan. Our party was formed to fight corruption, if we merge with crooks before elections, nobody will vote us, so after winning seats, we will join them.

– Arvind Kejriwal

The bio of Times How states “News Delivered Straight From Source. No Manipulation. Satire. Parody”. So it is clear that the tweets are satirical in nature. But Janta Ka Reporter with probably dubious intentions made an article on the satirical tweets of Times How.

So to cover up the fake news published by Janta Ka Reporter, pseudo fact checking website Alt News smartly put the blame on Times How. Now if any individual who has basic level of intelligence and common sense could say that the mistake was of Janta Ka Reporter. But instead of exposing it, Alt News gave a smart spin on the issue by putting the blame on Times How, a satirical twitter handle. By this, even Alt News made an attempt to spread a fake narrative.

But this dirty trick of Alt News didn’t go unnoticed as alert twitteratis exposed and bashed the hypocrisy of Alt News. Twitterati Dr Rupa Murthy exposed this by tweeting,

  • Basically, this free “tinker” made a mistake. He failed to do this due diligence and check the source, now he is blaming “Times HOW” for his failure. Postcard News check how this Prateek Sinha is trying to cover up.

Pratik Sinha is the co-founder of Alt News and in the past he is accused of stalking a man who is related to a  right winger website. Another founder of Alt News runs the parody page “Unofficial Sussy Swamy” which regularly spreads hatred against the Modi government and the RSS. Alt News website flourishes as several Congress leaders regularly share its articles on social networking sites.

Hansika Raj


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