Sensational!!! Babri Masjid was built after demolishing Ram Mandir: Shia Waqf Board

The unsolved Babri Masjid conflict has witnessed a twist now! Shia Waqf Board had initially said that Masjid will be built in the location claimed by Hindus in order to settle down the dispute between the two communities.

Now, Shia Waqf Board stated, “Before Babri Masjid, there was a temple of Sri Rama. It was true that Ram Mandir was demolished by the Muslims. Abdul-Meer-Bhaki, belonged to Shia Community had demolished the Mandir and built the Babri Masjid in his own money. He was a Minister of Babur.”

Shia Waqf Board negotiates the land disputes as well as the truth behind the Babri Masjid. After the Shia Waqf Board filed an affidavit in Supreme Court, claiming that the Babri Masjid was Shia Waqf property, a member of the Shia Waqf Council, in a letter to the board accused it of “Deliberately jumping into the Ayodhya Case to dilute ongoing proceedings for a CBI probe in the case pertaining to it.

This is a big victory to the Hindus

Yes, till date the Hindus who claimed that Ram Mandir was demolished by Babur was considered as fanatics. But today, the statement given  by the , Shia Waqf Board has been a big jolt. These many days, anti-Hindu elements tried to suppress the Hindus to build the Ream Mandir.

One litigator even threatened to bomb the Ram Mandir if it was built in Ayodhya. So to all these, the statement given out by the Shia Waqf Baord is indigestible.

It opposed the stand of the Sunni Central Waqf Board which has been fighting a protracted legal battle for re-building Babri Mosque, saying, “Sunni Central Waqf Board, UP, is under the dominant control of Sunni hardliners, the fanatics and non-believers in peaceful co-existence, who have absolutely no stake in the present case.”

A bunch of radicals were seen spreading hatred among Indians saying, Hindus demolished Babri Masjid. But now the truth has been exposed by the Muslim community itself. Hope even the minorities’ respect the majority community’s opinion and support to build the Ram Mandir in the birth place of Lord Ram.

Team Postcard