Sensational!!! Conspiracy by ISI to defame Modi and Hinduism globally; NGOs from UK and Netherlands are also a part of this plan

As the world is praising Modi’s relationship with the world leaders, Pakistan is silently working to cut off India’s relationship with the global powers. Pakistan’s terrorist training institution ISI has silently carrying on an operation to defame the Modi government. Yes, the way PM Modi is working, Pakistan will be exposed and may get isolated from rest of the world.

So Pakistan’s counter agenda is to globally isolate Modi’s India like how Bill Clinton did with P.V. Narasimha Rao.

What is “Operation Smear Modi’s India”?

This operation was started on November 2014 and the sole intention of this is to defame Modi’s India. To carry out this act, Pakistan has gathered around $ 218 milllion from various sources, mostly from Non-resident Pakistanis.

This operation will be considered as successful when globally reputed news channels show India in a negative shade. We can say that to some extent, Pakistan is successful. Yes, since PM Modi came to power, have you noticed articles published against India in Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, the Economist and others (especially in German and Arabic media)? This is the effect of Pakistan’s ISI.

Today, in India, whatever bad incident may happen, the blame goes on PM Modi. Even if a person is killed due to personal grudge, PM Modi is dragged into it.

A term called “Lynching” emerged from nowhere. Even protests were held across the nation for this fake issue. Dalits, women and children are the main targets of this operation because using the, world’s attention can be grabbed easily.

Even the term “cow vigilantes” is gaining significance. Even few cow vigilantes are being funded by these external forces. This is sure because, every attack by cow vigilantes is recorded in video purposely, so that the world will see and blame on the so called “Hindu terrorism”.

Godra riot has never faded from people’s mind, all thanks to media. After PM Modi came to power, the 2002 riot is frequently discussed in few leading news channels. They are working on proving the world that “Hindu terrorism” does exist.

United Kingdom and Netherland based NGOs joined hands with ISI

NGOs based in the US are trying to project that minorities are not safe in India. If any clash between Hindus and Muslims happen, these NGOs will try to convince in global platforms that minorities are targeted. These are even successful in it.

The leadership in this part of “Operation Smear” is being taken by certain Netherlands-based NGOs that have maintained silence so far on the systematic discrimination faced by the Romany community throughout Europe.

NGOs based in the UK have been particularly active in portrayals of India as a country rife with bonded labour, child slavery and sex slavery.

Interestingly, websites and organisations linked to particular political parties in India have joined parts of this campaign, especially in the matter of women’s rights and what they describe as a torrent of violence against women since 2014.

Conspiracy to target Hindu community

Interestingly, these very NGOs have remained silent on the actual genocide of Yazidis, Druze, Shias and Christians taking place in Iraq and Syria at the hands of those Wahhabi organisations which have received cash and weaponry from within NATO.

All of a sudden, few felt that there is no “Press freedom in India”. This is also well planned because day and night certain medias spread fake news about PM Modi & Hinduism and upon that they say that no press freedom. This is hilarious.

These ISI agents have been successful in penetrating into Hindu outfits. If any misdeed happens during a bid to stop illegal cow smuggling, blame directly goes upon Hindus, even though the violence is done by these ISI agents.

Unsurprisingly, the terror unleashed by illegal Bangladeshi migrants in parts of Bengal is being largely ignored by the International media. These international media never focus on atrocities against Hindus.

PM Modi’s active strategies have not let India to get damaged by the ISI agenda. Now each and every Indian needs to be alert about this to save India and Hinduism.

Source: http://www.sundayguardianlive.com/news/10083-ghq-isi-s-global-effort-defame-india-falters


Hansika Raj