Sensational!!! Countdown has begun for Karnataka Power Minister DK Shivkumar’s arrest! Do you know for how many years he will be behind the bars?

Doom of Congress in Karnataka – D K Shivakumar to soon end up behind the bars!


Looks like there’s an eclipse hovering over the Congress party as well. The party has been doing an incredible job with setting out its own path for a doom lately in Karnataka, with Ramya and Siddharamiah making ridiculous statements one after another. And the same path towards doom has been favoured by the judicial system of the country which is right in form.

D K Shivakumar is the richest, and the most corrupt political leader in the country – hands down. He’s always stayed in negative limelight not only with regard to his money and material assets, but also through his shameless practice of power through his hired goons. The man has always assumed that he creates his own means and ends, and whoever dared to oppose his dictatorial means suffered a horrible fate. However, every empire has to collapse someday, and every dictator sees a tragic end.

So is the case of D K Shivakumar – his downfall began with the formulation of the Narendra Modi government at the centre. Demonetization, income tax raids and speculations fastened the loop around D K Shivakumar’s neck, and it is only a matter of time before he is thrust behind the bars.

A few months ago, the IT raid that was conducted over the Power Minister D K Shivakumar’s home had made front page news. It wasn’t a matter of a day or two – in fact, the income tax officials set up camp within the Congress minister’s abode for a total of four consecutive days. The discoveries were as expansive as D K Shivakumar’s pride – the officials have confiscated a total property with a worth of Rupees 400 crores in cash and kind!

The raid was not limited to D K Shivakumar’s home. The IT officials came well prepared and ensured a complete check of all buildings associated with the power minister – the business infrastructure he owns, his friends, his family, and his astrologers as well! The amount of illegal money confiscated sure took the IT officials by shock, but predicted the downfall of D K Shivakumar more.

Evidences for the extent of illegal money stacked up by D K Shivakumar were brought out during the times when Gujarat flooded, and Congress ministers rejoiced in Bengaluru. Congress leaders from Gujarat were sent to Karnataka in order to prevent them from joining BJP, and it was D K Shivakumar who provided the most sophisticated of hospitality for the ministers in Bengaluru, within his own property. This property was raided as well, and eventually confiscated.

And now, it is time for D K Shivakumar to pay for all the misdeeds he has done. Despite all the care and precaution by the Income Tax department, D K Shivakumar had managed to tear out and dispose a handful of documents that could have precious evidence; during the IT raid of 2017. Having discovered that, the IT department had lodged a complaint with the Financial offences court, which has now instructed for the registration of an FIR regarding the same. More so, D K Shivakumar has been sent a notice to produce himself in court on March 22.

It doesn’t end at that. Over the instruction of the court, the IT department is expected to lodge a complaint against D0 K Shivakumar for his offense under IPC Sections 201 and 204, along with IT section 276(C). Soon after the complaint is lodged, it is highly likely that D K Shivakumar ends up behind the bars within minutes. The sections allow for criminal prosecution against the accused in the complaints registered underneath them.

Sure, D K Shivakumar is making all possible efforts to escape this possibility. There are evident necessities and efforts on his part to obtain bail. He has not only conveyed it through his lawyer that he shall produce himself in court without fail, but that he is also prepared for any consequences. Well, not that he has a choice; but these are merely efforts to create an innocent image that shall go in vain.

IT section 276 provides for 6 months to 7 years of imprisonment for offenses such as deliberate infringement of income tax regulations. IPC sections 201 and 204, which consider deliberate destruction of evidences by the accused, provide for similar punishment. Substantiation for D K Shivakumar’s efforts to destroy evidences against him were found in the form of torn paper pieces in his pocket, confiscated by the IT department.

The paper pieces were in fact an evidence for an illegal transaction carried out by the power minister. Once imprisoned for this offence, D K Shivakumar shall count the bars for a minimum of 6 months.

It looks like the power minister knows that there is no escaping this fate. He has hence resorted to blaming the Modi government and Amit Shah for having plotted against him, and that he is prepared to face imprisonment should it be imposed on him. Well, we all know what he means by that. More so, he could as well expect more of his friends from the Congress party to be joining him soon. Now that the elections are soon due, there shall be ample illegal flow of money and the IT department shall stand sentry like never before. It shall be a fun and fulfilling sight to sit back and watch the corrupt fishes gawp to escape the IT hooks.

Trisha Jay