Sensational Expose! Not just Vijay Mallya thanked Manmohan Singh for helping him, but three weeks ago senior Congress leaders held a secret meet with Mallya in London

Day before absconder Vijay Mallya claimed of meeting Finance Minister Arun Jaitley before leaving India. Since then there is huge controversy surrounding the issue. Even after Vijay Mallya’s confession and Finance Minister refusal of not having any formal meeting with the fugitive, opposition parties and Congress are continually attacking Prime Minister Modi and Finance minister Arun Jaitley.

Although the Congress is hell bent on defaming PM Modi and his Government on the issue of absconders like Vijay Mallya & Neerav Modi but in reality as the things are getting unfolded the party is itself getting exposed. Stunning revelations are coming into limelight confirming links of the Congress party with the absconders

In an another startling revelation, a ‘thank you’ note has been accessed by Republic TV which was sent by absconder Vijay Mallya to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The explosive note exposes not only Manmohan Singh’s direct intervention on behalf of Kingfisher Airlines, but also, yet another appeal by Mallya for another, larger intervention

In a note absconder Mallya has thanked former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for his positive response and support for the now defunct Kingfisher Airlines. He revealed that former Prime Minister had asked him to follow up with Mr TKA Nair, an advisor to the then Prime Minister who helped him by talking with concerned people in the Ministries involved.

“I was very relieved and pleased when you responded positively and expressed support for Kingfisher Airlines which is the single largest Airline in our Country operating 380 flights daily to 60 destinations,You had asked me to follow up with Mr TKA Nair, which I did and I am deeply appreciative of the fact that Mr Nair immediately spoke to the concerned people in the Ministries involved”, Mallya wrote.

The “thank you” note by Mallya also requested the former Prime Minister to give due consideration to the then FDI policy and make amendments for healthy re-capitalisation of Indian Airlines as the then FDI policy prohibits foreign Airlines from investing in Indian carriers.

Not only this, another stunning revelation has also been made by Republic TV that confirmed three weeks ago two ex UPA Ministers were at a ‘meeting of the fugitives’ that took place at Vijay Mallya’s London mansion. Along with the two ex UPA Ministers, one of whom is a former Chief Minister, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi was part of meeting.

Before these revelations already it has been revealed by Republic TV that SBI and RBI under the instructions of Sonia Gandhi had changed the entire rules of loans just to save Vijay Mallya from the NPA mess.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi had also received a free upgradation to Business class in Kingfisher Airlines after Mallya was granted loans.

Even Shia Central Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi has revealed that Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad put pressure on him to not complain against Vijay Mallya and had encroached upon a Shia Waqf Board property near Meerut (Zee News)

Rahul Gandhi’s links are not just with Vijay Mallya but with fraudster Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi too as exposed by the former Congress insider Shehzaad Poonawalla

Secret meetings of fugitive being held in London along with UPA ministers, Manmohan Singh PMO lobbying with other ministries on Mallya’s behalf, SBI & RBI changing the entire rules for loans,  all these revelations clearly indicate that Congress government which was under direct control of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi had offered special escape route to Vijay Mallya for the reasons known to them.

Should probe be carried out on Congress President Rahul Gandhi now? There are enough proofs against him that indicate it is his party which helped these absconders to flee.

Credits & Source: Republic TV

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