Sensational!!! Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) held NDTV guilty of Rs 902 crores money laundering; Does Ravish Kumar have an answer for this?


Finally Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)  held NDTV guilty of Rs 902 crores money laundering with GE USA through Bermuda and Netherlands. This has been a big blow to Prannoy Roy. This order was passed on July 14th. So it has been proved that NDTV is involved in fraudulent activities.

NDTV had lost an appeal in ITAT in December 2013 but again filed a second appeal in ITAT.

NDTV is the same channel which was banned for a day for covering “Pathankot” attack which compromised the national security. When government had decided to ban the NDTV channel for this act of putting national security under threat, the senior journalist started to insult the government’s decision by calling in two mimic artists on his studio.

Why Mr Ravish Kumar of NDTV is targeting Postcard News?

Postcard News was created with a good intension unlike NDTV. We had exposed several pseudo seculars one after the other. How could Ravish Kumar tolerate this? After all even he belongs to the same category.

So Ravish Kumar decided to save his “partners in crime”. He chose to target Postcard News since then. But what is more hilarious is that he started to tag Postcard News as fake news website. Now this statement made me laugh like anything. Because the entire nation knows that even if we dig NDTV, we won’t find any genuine or positive news in NDTV. But recently he started to call Postcard News as a fake news website.


What is the difference between Postcard News and NDTV?

To all those who say that Postcard manufactures fake news, here is the answer; we report the truth without even taking even a single rupee but the entire nation knows the credibility of Ravish Kumar’s NDTV.

Mr Ravish Kumar, can you answer this? Will you say that it is a conspiracy run by PM Modi and Postcard News?

A minor daughter of a former minister of Bihar Congress has alleged that Nikhil, Sanjeet and Brajesh had been running a sex racket. You heard it right, Mr Ravish Kumar’s brothers name is heard in running a sex racket. Interestingly, Ravish Kumar didn’t even deny this report. It was also heard that Ravish is exerting his influence to suppress the intensity of the case.

Chances are high that he may either blame Postcard News for this or call it as a vendetta politics by PM Modi.

NDTV is pro-Congress channel since its inception. Now the channel is against BJP as Modi is ruling at the centre. NDTV praised Kanhaiyya Kumar who wanted to divide India. But we, Postcard News create awareness among Indians by writing the genuine news and invoke nationalism.

Who owns NDTV?

NDTV is founded by Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Prannoy Roy was raided by Income Tax officials for siphoning a huge sum of Rs53.84 crores in his personal account. But he tried to play the victim card and blamed PM Modi. But, will Ravish Kumar dare to expose his owner’s reality if he is a true journalist?

What is freedom of expression according to NDTV and Mr Ravish Kumar?

  • Is always reporting against India and suspecting the armed force is freedom of expression?
  • Is targeting Hindu beliefs is freedom of expression?
  • Is manufacturing fake news is freedom of expression?

Here is a list of fake news manufactured by NDTV. Click on the below link.

Hansika Raj