Sensational!!! Indian Army is all set to conduct series of Surgical Strikes on Pakistan

General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the Northern Command, Lt Gen D Ambu, has warned Pakistan that the Indian Army will conduct more surgical strikes if Pakistan doesn’t stop supporting terrorist activities. He further emphasized that the LoC isn’t a line that can’t be breached and the army will repeat what it did in September 2016 if needed.

“Surgical strike was a point we wanted to drive home across that LoC is not a line that cannot be breached,” he said. “When we want to we will be able to breach it (LoC), go across and strike when we need. Subtle message we wanted to convey.”

He talked on the issue of infiltration from the Pakistani side saying: “While lot of attempts are made (to infiltrate), but most are not successful, there has been a sharp decline. Terrorists continue to try to infiltrate, we have been foiling their attempts to infiltrate into Kashmir valley/Jammu region.”

This warning of the GOC should not be taken lightly or as a passing-by comment just to keep Pakistan on its toes. The number of terror camps and launch pads across the LoC in PoK has gone up in the last few months and around 475 militants are waiting to infiltrate. Lt Gen Ambu said, “Large number of terrorist camps and launch pads exist across south and north of Pir Panjal, they have not decreased. Launch pads and terrorist camps have increased since last year.”

He did say that NIA raids on separatists and the regular killings of militants including those of top leaders have brought the situation in the Valley well under control. Till now 144 militants have been killed by the Indian Army in the Valley.

The rise in the number of militants could be due to the fact that the Indian Army has gone on an unparalleled offensive against terrorists, and terror groups across the border are now relying more on numbers. Their frustration with their top commanders being hunted down is forcing them to raise the number of infiltrations thereby raising the probability of success of infiltrating terrorists.

The surgical strike last year was meant as a muscular message to Pakistan that India will take pre-emptive action against terrorists backed by its army who threaten India. The same could very well happen again as a massive number of militants pose a threat to our land. And if the strikes do happen again, then they’ll occur at a time we least expect them to.

Vinayak Jain