Sensational!!! ManMohan Singh and prominent Congress leaders ‘secretly’ met Pakistani envoys! What dirty plans have you, Rahul Gandhi?

The claims have been made with evidence by Ajay Agarwal, whose residence lies close to that of Mani Shankar Aiyer in Jangpura extension in New Delhi

We know desperation makes people do strange things, but it looks like the Congress party has its own standards of swooping down to new levels. Desperation or not, the party has always set new records in creating dramatic scenes and executing scandals; and this time the Gujarat elections have pushed the party even further. No, we’re not again talking about Harik Patel’s disgusting propaganda or Rahul Gandhi’s ridiculously poor campaigning gimmicks, but the revelation made by Ajay Agarwal that leaves too many questions.

Ajay Agarwal, the BJP leader, also an advocate who has been pursuing the Bofors scandal has made a revelation that Ex Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, former Vice President Hamid Ansari and the suspended Congress Minister Mani Shankar Aiyer ‘secretly’ met the informal Pakistani envoys on December 6th. The meeting took place at the residence of the controversial spokesperson of the party Mani Shanker Aiyer, who made the claim against Prime Minister Narendra Modi the very next day and was suspended from the party. However, what was the Pakistani envoy doing at the residence of this old man, with the former Prime Minister of India without the knowledge of the authorities? Why wasn’t the office of the Prime Minister, media and the Foreign Affairs Ministry informed about this meeting? If there is nothing to hide, then why was the meeting held so secretly at a place that is not even fit for formal transnational meetings?

The claims have been made with evidence by Ajay Agarwal, whose residence lies close to that of Mani Shankar Aiyer in Jangpura extension in New Delhi. The meeting is said to have been done with the officials of the Pakistani High Commission and former Pakistan Foreign Minister Khursheed Kasuri, who were hosted by just the three men mentioned. Also validating the claims made by Ajay Agarwal, the Pakistani Foreign Affairs Ministry has states ‘the meeting could have taken place at a neutral spot.’ Well, who needs more proof?

Following the revelation, the BJP has naturally demanded clarification from the Congress party. This is not the first time Congress has done something like this. While we all are familiar with Mani Shanker Aiyer’s former alliances with Pakistan, Rahul Gandhis’ (not so) ‘secret’ meeting with the Chinese envoy too had raised ample questions. He had staged a meeting right at the middle of the Doklam crisis, which was once revealed by the Chinese and then immediately deleted from the official website. If there is nothing to hide, if it is all ‘for the welfare of the country’, why so much drama?

Something to do with Gujarat?

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice that the Congress party is getting more desperate each day with regard to the Gujarat elections. Why, in the midst of the existing pressure, would the Congress ministers arrange a secret meeting with the Pakistani envoys? Soon after the meeting, Mani Shanker Aiyer stepped on the warfront and made the ridiculous statement regarding Narendra Modi calling him ‘neech’. Although that did turn a lot of votes towards BJP, the question of the secret meeting still remains. The possibilities of Pakistan having access to penetrate into Gujarat through these officials cannot be ruled out at all. That could be a very serious accusation, but who can say; considering the circumstances of the meeting? If there was nothing fishy about the meet, Man Mohan Singh and the party would have not feared conducting it in the open, would it?

The news is not a secret anymore, and Rahul Gandhi has been instructed to conduct a press meet and clarify the discourses of the meeting. Let us hope truth shall be revealed in its true form, for that is not truly the way of Congress. However, people have comprehended the dangers of sustaining this dynasty based party in the country owing to their gimmicks time and again, and the anger is evident on Twitter. Here’s one of the posts where a BJP leader makes the fact evident-

For a country led by a Prime Minister who openly takes international tours only to elevate the Indian standards; and openly rules out Pakistani claims until terrorism is wiped out, we have an opposition that functions on entirely swooped levels. The party and its most prominent members don’t just shake hands with the terrorist nation, but invite the envoys over for dinner at their residences and have secret exchanges. Time we all see the Congress party for what it is, and rule its existence out of the country.


Trisha Jay


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