Sensational!!! “Mehul Choksi had links with the Congress party” says the lawyer of the economic offender Mehul Choksi

The lawyer of the diamond gangster Mehul Choksi has put the Congress party in deep trouble after he revealed that Choksi had links with the Congress party. Lawyer David Dorsett mentioned that Choksi “had a loose alliance with Congress”.

David Dorsett revealed to Republic TV that,

  • Well, he has a nephew who also appears to be a person, a scapegoat. The authorities are trying to pin this matter for him. There is a very serious political element that is involved in this whole matter and it is not just a bank that has collapsed. In India, the political climate is heated up in a very serious way. I mean to understand the elections particularly at a national level that are going to be held in early part of next year. Basically, the politicians are in splints right now. They are trying to carry as much popular support as they can and the situation with Mr. Choksi has to be seen in that context.
  • He was a businessman. He was an ordinary businessman and he had some loose alliance with what is now known as the opposition party in India, the Congress Party, which is the party that is different from the party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I believe that his name. So, there is a difference. I also know that he was a regional, a political activist but there was somewhat of a loose alliance that has kind of inflamed the situation.

This has become like a huge ammunition to the BJP in the parliament. Days ago, the lies of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party was nailed by both the Modi governmnent and the French government. Now, the lawyer of Mehul Choksi, even though he tried to label Choksi as a scapegoat of political game, un-intentionally has created troubles to Rahul Gandhi.

Soon after the economic offender Mehul Choksi and Nirav Modi fled from India after the PNB scam got exposed, the Congress party was trying to make BJP the scapegoat. But this statement will be a path breaking one. Now the Congress party need to come clean, which seem impossible.

Investigation has revealed that the scam had begun in 2011 during the UPA-II era. So the link with Congress party is apparent. In June, Rahul Gandhi had said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls Mehul Choksi Mehul bhai and Nirav Modi, Nirav bhai.”

He had also claimed that PM Modi has relationships with Nirav Modi as both share the same surname. But now all these bizarre claims of Rahul Gandhi has gone in vain. The statement of Choksi’s lawyer has not just dented the image of the Congress further but also put the former finance minister P Chidambaram in a tricky situation.

In August 2013, the then UPA government had introduced the 80:20 rule, which said traders would be allowed to import gold only after they had exported 20 per cent of gold from their previous import. But the business insiders revealed that this scheme was misused by jewellers including fugitives Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi for money laundering.

At present Mehul Choksi has been granted citizenship in the Caribbean nation, Antigua. This has been confirmed by Prime Minister of Antigua Gaston Browne. The Antigua PM also confirmed that he will extent his support to India in the Choksi case saying “now that he’s a citizen, it makes it a little more complicated in that the application will take some time. And we don’t have an extradition treaty with India. But whatever we can do, we will”.

Source:Republic World

Hansika Raj


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