Sensational!!! NDTV spreads fake news against PM Modi; Do you know what did it do to fuel up the violence in Haryana?

The channel which is popularly known as “fake news factory” has once again showed its expertise in spreading fake news at a crucial point so that it will disrupt peace of the society. When Haryana and Punjab was burning, NDTV added fuel it by saying that the High Court has slammed PM Modi by saying ‘He is PM of India, not BJP’.

Now a huge blow has been given to the fake news site by the Haryana High Court. The Haryana HC clarified that that it had not made any remarks against the Prime Minister on the violence that erupted after the self proclaimed godman was held guilty.

The Bench later on said that it had not even uttered a word against the PM. Now NDTV needs to clarify regarding this but we all know that it will never do that because it has become a hobby for NDTV to spread fake news.

This is not the first time when NDTV has spread fake news or derogatory shows on its TV channel. When Pathankot attack took place, NDTV had forgotten the ethics of journalism and aired live shows that had helped the terrorists. But when the government had decided to imposed ban on it for few days, their gang started to shout that there is no press freedom under PM Modi.

 Why NDTV is against PM Modi?

PM Modi came to power by saying he will not spare the corrupt. Rapidly he started acting against the corrupt including the owner of NDTV, Prannoy Roy. Prior to this, he received royal treatments from the Congress government but Modi started to choke him.

NDTV was a leading channel that was asking Haryana CM’s resignation but it did not show other side of the coin. Yes, Ram Rahim had previously lent support to Congress and he is a relative of an ex Congress MLA too. During the Congress rule, the Baba had expanded his networks. So NDTV must have had asked apologies from Sonia Gandhi.

Ram Rahim has four children – daughters Amanpreet Kaur, Charanpreet Kaur and Honeypreet Kaur, and son Jasmeet Singh. Jasmeet is married to the daughter of senior Congress leader Harminder Singh Jassi, who is a former Punjab MLA.

In 2007, Ram Rahim had extended support to the Congress as he felt that the Shiromani Akali Dal-BJP government of the time had targeted his followers in the state. But, the Congress lost the elections.

It was evident that the biased media were targeting Haryana CM Khattar and pressurising BJP leaders to sack him. So NDTV started spreading fake news saying High Court has slammed PM Modi. Now the question is that who would benefit from this? Clearly, Congress and the news channels that support Congress will be benefitted.

Finally it can be concluded that the violence was a conspiracy of unknown hands to fuel up the violence after the court decision. But these never ask why the Congress ruled Punjab government allowed 200 cars of Baba supporters to enter into Haryana?

Source: https://www.google.co.in/amp/www.oneindia.com/amphtml/india/dera-violence-never-uttered-a-word-against-pm-clarifies-punjab-and-haryana-hc-2532626.html

Nishika Ram