Sensational news: “I don’t believe in democracy”, Fatwa cleric caught red-handed on spy camera

What more can be expected from a person like Syed Quaderi. The words finally came off his mouth. Yes, he said that “I don’t believe in democracy”. Yes this is said by a person who take several facilities to his followers by using “Minority Card”. Syed Quaderi never said “no” to the facilities given to him and his followers by the greatest democratic nation. But what India got in return is shocking. But it was expected, we knew what kind of patriotism does he posses towards India.

He had expressed his ISIS mentality since many years. He was widely seen in national TV debates where he used to condemn and issue fatwa against those who questioned illogical practices.

He was in news when he had issues a fatwa against Singer Sonu Nigam. He also said that whoever shaves Sonu head will be given Rs 10 lakh. But when Sonu shaved his head himself and demanded the amount, Syed Quaderi took a U-turn. He denied of giving the amount.

Muslim cleric Syed Quaderi is the one who regularly issues fatwa against every random person for hilarious reasons. The cleric said that he believes in Karbala and he is the follower of Imam Hussain.

Ansar Raza, a Muslim cleric said that “People like Quaderi need not be taken seriously. He gives the Muslim community a bad name”.



Source: Republic TV

Vikrant Raj