Sensational News!!! Nearly 75 % items removed from 28% tax bracket; People say ‘This Is Acche Din’

GST is getting simpler and people friendly day by day. Today, the GST Council has given another great news and it was done by removing nearly 150 items from the 28% tax slab.

Here are the key points that have helped traders and people!!!

  • “Only luxury goods and items such as tobacco and cigarettes have been kept in the 28% slab” said the Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi.
  • Almost 227 items were there in 28% GST slab, now only 50 remains, which are mostly luxury items, rest have been put in 18%.
  • The Group of Ministers (GoM) had also suggested that eating out at hotels that have room tariff of more than Rs 7,500 should attract a uniform 18 per cent rate instead of any separate category for a 5-star hotel, which currently falls under the 28% bracket.
  • Luxury goods like washing machines and air conditioners have been retained at 28 per cent.
  • Paints and cement have been retained in the 28 per cent tax bracket.
  • Daily use products such as shampoo, chocolates, beauty products and construction items such as marble and granite will cease to exist in the 28 percent slab.
  • This has given a big relief to traders, manufacturers and consumers.

Prior to this, tax rates have been slashed on more than 100 items. “Directions have been issued to conduct a survey and find out what are the problems that businessmen may be facing”, said Sushil Modi who is also a member of the GST council.

What should be keenly observed is that the government is heeding to the requests of the public. Protests against few rules regarding GST was common across the nation but whenever these traders saw Congress leaders at the spot, they were seen chanting PM Modi’s name. This proves that the traders’ trust on PM Modi is intact.

From July 1, has five tax slabs of 0 per cent, 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent and 28 per cent. The tax slabs were revised several times by the Modi government and this was hugely praised by the public. Today’s meeting took place in Guwahati and the GST council consisted of state finance ministers headed by central finance minister Arun Jaitley.

Chinese newspaper which always attacks India has surprised everyone by praising PM
Modi’s GST reform. It said that India is attracting international investors to invest in India.

In recent days, it should be noted that low-cost manufacturing is slowly moving out of
China. So other nations including India is trying to capitalize on it and are trying to be the
factory hub.

Hansika Raj