Sensational news: How stone pelters and anti-nationals are handled by rest of the world?

Out of 195 countries in the world, there are 123 democratic nations including India. And stone pelting upon Army or manhandling its own Army is very rarely found. It is not that the people are kind hearted but they know that the Army won’t spare them, if they show any cheap tricks. Protesting it good gesture, even our constitution permits it. But protests should be carried on in a just way. But a protestor cannot expect the army to be super cool even though the protestors are giving a fatal blow.

Stone pelting has been a hobby to few Kashmiris. Stone pelting is a form of protest made famous by Palestinians as part of their decades-long-intifada against the Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Nowadays Indian Army had adopted expressive steps to curb these anti-nationals. But we have heard cries within the nation saying that Indian Army is violating the human rights.

But let us take a tour around the world and see how stone pelters and anti-nationals are treated.


Israel which is known to be tough against anti-nationals, has taken a tough stand against stone pelters. It passed a new law in which if the stone pelter is proved guilty then the court can impose jail term up to 20 years.

“Tolerance towards terrorists end today, a stone thrower is a terrorist and only a fitting punishment can serve as a deterrent and just punishment”, says Israel’s justice minister


If you try to attack a uniformed and armed US Marine on Duty – you won’t even live to say sorry to 3 generations of your family members who’d never know how bad the airline food really is – as they might all get listed on the no-fly list for good.


Now don’t think why Pakistan jumped into this serious list. In India we have seen stone pelters raising Pakistan and ISIS flags. Pakistan recently condemned the act of Major Gogoi. But how does it treat its own people when they face the same issue?

In a recent incident in Pakistan, a man is barred for 10 years because he unfurled the Indian flag. He didn’t shout Hindustan Jindabad, or he didn’t say Pakistan Murdabad, being a Virat Kohli fan, he just unfurled Indian flag and he paid a hefty price.

India’s move is also changing:

Initially Indian Army started to use pellet guns. Pellets are loaded with lead and once fired they disperse in huge numbers. They don’t follow a definite path. Pellets penetrate the skin’s soft tissues, and eye being the delicate structure is the most vulnerable to damage. This proved lethal to the stone pelters. We even saw how a stone pelter was used as human shield as the situation was getting worse at that point of time for the Army.

Till date Indian Army’s restraint was considered its weakness. But now the Army has started to go tough against the anti-national elements in the valley. So at first the NIA decided to attack the people who are instigating these youths in the valley. Once the back-bone is broken, these youths will opt respectful profession. Regular raids were conducted a week ago and huge amount of money and arms and ammunitions were seized.

Credit: Naman Chakraborty

Rajat Bhandary