Sensational News!!! Terrorists had planned to assassinate PM Modi in Kerala; Kerala DGP confirms this

On June 17th, PM Modi inaugurated the first Metro in Kerala. As many youths from Kerala had joined ISIS and as there were regular anti-national activities, the security of PM Modi was a major concern.

Now a deadly report is revealed which confirms that there was a team which was planning to assassinate PM Modi. The intelligence has confirmed this news. This is even confirmed by the Kerala police.

There was a protest in Puthuvype, a coastal region on the outskirts of the port city. Here there was a protest against a cooking gas plant being built. But the Kerala DGP TP Senkumar revealed that the protests were funded by the extremist’s outfits. Report even claimed that few terrorists had joined the protest.

DGP also said that the Kerala police were tracking the terror module. So the security was tightened as there was PM Modi’s visit. The protestors were blocking the road and were increasing in number. So the police removed the protestors forcefully off the road.  But he didn’t reveal any further details about the extremist group.

DGP Senkumar said that the protesters, all of a sudden tried to create tension on the route on the Prime Minister’s motorcade was to take. He also said that this happened when the Special Protection Group (SPG) and other security agencies were conducting a trial run through the route.

When some blamed Kochi’s city deputy commissioner of police Yatish Chandra for lathi-charge against the protesters in Puthuvype on Sunday, DGP Senkumar denied it and asked whether there are any visuals to justify the allegations.

PM Modi had visited Kochi amid tight security on Saturday to dedicate the first phase of the Kochi Metro to the nation and also had taken a brief ride on the metro train along with dignitaries including governor P Sathasivam, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu and chief minister Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

This news was even confirmed by the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan who said that the government wanted to maintain secrecy on the threat and also maintained high levels of security to ensure the safety of the PM.

We all know how the extremists work in Kerala. Till now we had seen them targeting innocent helpless men. But now they had planned to assassinate the PM of the nation. This is a serious threat because without having any deep roots, they won’t dare to do this. So the national intelligence agency needs to take this seriously before their group strengthens further.

Source: Times of India

Rajat Bhandary