Sensational News!!! Who is behind hacking the BJP leaders’ Twitter account, one by one?

In a shocking news, several Twitter accounts of notable Indian leaders are hacked one after another by pro-Pakistani groups. This included National General Secretary of BJP Mr Ram Madhav, nationalist Anupam Kher, economist Kaushik Basu and Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta.

Reports have confirmed that the twitter accounts have been hacked by Turkish Pro-Pak hackers. These hackers had also hacked India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin’s social media handle a month ago. The hackers had posted two photographs of Pakistan’s flag and the neighbour country’s President Mamnoon Hussain on Syed Akbaruddin’s social media handle. Kaushik Basu who was the Chief Economist of the World Bank from 2012 to 2016, an also the victim of these hackers.

After hacking Mr Ram Madhav’s account, the hackers had put up a message that ended up with “I Love Pakistan”. This made the point clear that the hackers were pro-Pakistan. The hackers even tweeted a video from Mr Madhav’s account that said “Your account has been hacked by the Turkish cyber army Ayyildiz Tim. Your DM correspondence and important data have been captured”. 

The pinned tweet on the account when it was hacked.

After the account got hacked, Anupam Kher said that his Twitter account was hacked after he clicked on a link sent by Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta in a direct message.


After hacking the Twitter account of Swapan Dasgupta, the hackers posted the below message!

We tried to briefly explain why we hacked. The people we hacked should know; we have to do this to stop the injustices and we will continue with the attack. The world will learn these injustices. Again, we have reason not to publish the DM cor
Ayyildiz Tim
Turkish Cyber Army

Cyber security among the top 5 risks in India, says a report!

As many as 79% of organisations in India have identified cyber security as one of the top five business risks, while 58% included cyber risk as part of the boardroom agenda, which has moved up from 41% as recorded in 2015, reported Livemint.

“Cybercrime has moved from corporate espionage and theft of Intellectual Property to use of advanced technology and malicious software, with the intent of holding companies to ransom and the threat of sabotaging brand reputation with data security breaches”, said Akhilesh Tuteja, partner and head-risk consulting, KPMG in India, and co-leader – global cyber security.

It appears like the predictions have turned true but what is a shocking trend is only the accounts of nationalists are being targeted. Weeks ago, Pakistan had hacked the Twitter account of a normal Indian who was popular with his nationalistic views. But he had responded hardly by hacking various websites of Pakistan.

The government needs to look into this issue seriously or else none would dare to use the social media platform to express their views.

The twitter responded to the series of hacking with a statement saying, “Our teams are working to resolve an issue affecting a small number of Indian users. We will notify affected account holders directly. Reminder: do not click on links in DMs coming from unknown accounts”.

Hansika Raj


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