Sensational!!! Police order Muslims to hand in all copies of Koran and prayer mats or face ‘harsh punishment’

Few days back, China had said that India is not hit by radical Islam due to the strong influence of Hinduism. Now, it has given out another statement which is hard to digest for the communal seculars and liberals across the world.

Reports have emerged that the Chinese authorities have tightened up their actions against Muslim community in the north-western region of Xinjiang. China which is well known for its stance against Muslims, has once again acted tough against this community which is in minority China.

The officials have warned the mosques that the ethnic Muslim families have to hand over all the religious belongings including the Koran and prayers mats. The officials have also warned the Muslims to face severe punishments if the orders are not adhered to.

Radio Free Asia said that such kind of strict actions taken in Kashgar, Hotan and few other regions. Earlier this year, Xinjiang authorities had removed the Koran that was published 5 years ago as it contained extremist content.

This is not the first time when China had taken such tough decisions against Islam. Previously, in the month of March, it had banned burqas, veils and “abnormal” beards in a predominantly Muslim province.

The Chinese government had also instructed government workers in airports, railway stations and other public places to dissuade women who fully cover their faces and bodies from entering, reported the independent.co.uk.

Not only restricting the burqas, China has released a list of names that should not be named for the newly born Muslim child in Xinjiang region. Under the document titled ‘Naming Rules for Ethnic Minorities’, it mentioned twenty-nine names which had meanings like Islam, Koran, Mecca, Imam, Saddam, Hajj, and Medina, as well as names that have connotations of holy war (Jihad).

Now you may ask what if the Muslims break the naming rules. Well, if the rules are broken then the children won’t be registered in the government household system known as ‘hukou’. Due to this, the child will be denied rights to access healthcare, education facility and many more.

The Chinese authority is strictly monitoring religious extremism, Illegal religious and separatist activities in the Muslim dominant regions. Terrorist attacks, stabbings and explosions had regularly taken place in China since few years and the China held “Uighur separatists” responsible.

The biggest attack in the recent years was that of the attack that was carried out by the Muslim Uighurs, the dominant ethnic group in Xinjiang. A knife-wielding gang of Uighurs separatists had attacked the security guards at a coal mine in Xinjiang. Due to this, nearly 40 people had to lose their lives.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-burqa-abnormal-beards-ban-muslim-province-xinjiang-veils-province-extremism-crackdown-freedom-a7657826.html


Hansika Raj