Sensational revelation by Sonia Gandhi’s relative! 20 years ago when the Vajpayee govt had stunned the USA with Pokhran nuclear test, do you know what Sonia Gandhi said?

This was the day when India emerged as a superpower under the leadership of the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Yes, in 1998 India conducted 5 Underground Nuclear Tests at Pokhran test range in Rajasthan. This itself is a matter of pride but let me tell you another interesting fact. Even the USA’s intelligence forces didn’t have any idea about India’s secret mission until the then PM announced about it.

CIA didn’t have a clue: Reveals former CIA director George Tenet 

Mr Tenet had said “the CIA “didn’t have a clue” about the nuke test. Talking about former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s decision to go ahead for the Pokhran II nuclear tests”. He added, “We did not sufficiently expect that Indian politicians might do what they had openly promised – conduct a nuclear test, as the incoming ruling party had said it would”.

Former CIA director George Tenet mentioned in his book that “Unfortunately when you run a place like CIA, it’s the low lights that stand out in the media – the mistakes, the gaffes – things everyone can see and no one, can resist commenting on. For many of those, I would like to turn back the clock and erase them. Some, I can’t stop remembering”.

But do you know what Sonia Gandhi had said then? How she mocked Operation Shakti (Pokhran-II)? Her relative Shehzad Poonawalla reminds the Indians

Atal Bihari Vajpayee announced to the world that India is now a full-fledged nuclear state in a press conference in 1998 after the below two achievements.

  • On 11 May 1998, Operation Shakti (Pokhran-II) was initiated with the detonation of one fusion and two fission bombs; the word “Shakti” means “power” in Sanskrit.
  • On 13 May 1998, two additional fission devices were detonated.

But senior Congress leader, who is an Italian as claimed by her son, didn’t feel proud of this fact!

Sonia Gandhi took tense days to recover from the shock that India has achieved such a spectacular achievement under Mr Vajpayee. Finally, she could gather courage to say that “Real strength lies in restraint, not in the display of shakti”.

This was one of the most pathetic and bizarre statement that I have ever heard. How could she ever say this? That too being a person who wanted to become India’s Prime Minister. Respected Sonia Gandhi, I want to ask you a question, Why do you and your son roam around with so many guards? Why can’t you follow the statement “Real strength lies in restraint, not in the display of shakti” as said by you?

Rahul Gandhi’s cousin reminded the Indians by tweeting,

  • 20 years ago India conducted Pokhran Tests and became a nuclear power!!! But it is shocking to note that Mrs Sonia Gandhi opposed this.
  • Here is an India Today report confirming her opposition to Operation Shakti despite differing voices within INC on this.

Today, even PM Modi celebrated this historic achievement by saying “On National Technology Day, we salute our stupendous scientists and technology enthusiasts. We also remember with great pride, the skills of our scientists as well as the courage of our political leadership for the historic tests in May 1998”.

But Unfortunately, there was not even a single tweet from Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his mother who is from Italy.

Have a look at this video made by Economic Times with the caption “Exactly 20 years ago at 3:45pm on May 11, 1998, India took the world by surprise and tested 3 nuclear devices at Pokhran in Rajasthan. Here’s a look back at that defining moment” which will give goosebumps for sure.

Source: India Today

Economic Times

Hansika Raj