Sensational Revelation!!! This is how secret information was passed on to Dawood Ibrahim during Sonia Gandhi’s Congress

Former ACP of Mumbai Crime branch Suresh Walishetty exposes the Dawood and Congress Connection during an exclusive interview with Republic TV.

He revealed that after the JJ Hospital shootout in 1992, Dawood’s gang member took shelter at an NTPC guest house situated in Mumbai’s Pali Hill area.

The further said that this guest house was booked for Dawood’s aide by the then Union Minister of State, Power and Non- Conventional Energy Sources (Independent Charge) Kalpanath Rai’s personal assistant Prakash Rai.
However, the Mumbai Crime Branch team, later on, detained Kalpanath’s PA for further questioning on the matter. On hearing about Prakash Rai’s detention, Kalpanath Rai personally called the former ACP and tried to put pressure on him.

Walishetty told Republic TV that he had responded to Kalpnath Rai saying that he will leave his PA after recording his statement and then informed his seniors about this incident.

The former ACP, however, claims that he is not sure whether Kalpanath Rai was aware of his PA Prakash Rai’s direct link with the D-Company. While speaking to Republic TV, Walishetty also shared Farooq Takla’s link with Dawood and how he helped in setting up Gutka Empire for Dawood.

Dawood Ibrahim and his contacts with high-ranking Indian politicians of UPA – internal involvement made 26/11 possible

26/11 became possible because of Indian involvement and that high ranking politicians from UPA had contacts with Dawood.

The Sunday Indian report claims that Dawood’s identity was changed once it became clear that the US government, under repeated requests from the AB Vajpayee government, would declare Dawood a ‘Specially Designated International Terrorist’.

The US declared Dawood an international terrorist in October 2003, several months after the change in his identity. According to Sunday Guardian’s US sources, “Such a step had no effect on Dawood’s international operations, both business and terror-related”, in view of the fact that he was thereby enabled to travel safely to multiple locations through use of the documents prepared for him by the ISI.

The sources allege that neither Vajpayee nor Manmohan Singh tried any effective counter measures to overcome Dawood’s actions. But when Narendra Modi as PM visited the USA, NSA Ajit Doval ‘stayed two extra days in Washington mainly to work out ways of capturing or otherwise incapacitating Dawood’.

The new legal identity of Dawood, accused in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, still poses a challenge to Indian authorities. He has maintained a low profile, alleges the report, but continued to dabble in Bollywood and match-fixing in cricket.

But there is an even more shocking claim. The sources state that the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks would not have succeeded if Dawood did not have longstanding contacts within the Mumbai Police, and within the political network both in Maharashtra and the country. The report alleges that many high ranking politicians were afraid of being exposed if the domestic angle to 26/11 was seriously probed – so it never was. “It was as though the investigators were told not to believe that there was a network in India, which provided information to ISI proxies about the interior layout and work schedules of the Taj Mahal and Oberoi Trident hotels,” said the sources to Sunday Guardian.

The US sources further allege that “a director-general of police and five inspectors-general of police and DIG’s have worked for Dawood in the past”. But the Modi government has made such connections difficult.

More shockingly, the report claims that at least four UPA leaders were in contact with Dawood before 26/11, but one of the six dropped their association with him after the attacks. The last politician also stopped contact with him in 2011. In fact, Dawood in 2006 travelled on an international flight from the UAE to South Africa and the seat next to him was occupied by a senior politician who knew whom he was talking to throughout the journey, claim the US experts to Sunday Guardian.

Dawood however no longer uses the phone, claim the experts. They state that he has also restricted his movements within Pakistan since 2012. Lastly, the experts commend Ajit Doval for his efforts in bringing back Dawood to India, but say this is extremely difficult due to his new identity and the lack of cooperation on the Pakistani front.

UPA connections with the underworld Don

The mafia don is in regular touch with family members in both Pakistan as well as India. In a sensational claim, the sources have told the newspaper that Dawood Ibrahim, while travelling from the UAE in 2006 to South Africa, was sitting next to a senior politician and the duo were talking throughout the journey.

They allege that “high-level politicians, afraid of being implicated through Dawood, ensured that the domestic angle was never seriously probed by the police following the blasts” and much of the attention was diverted to captured operative Ajmal Kasab and his contacts in Pakistan.

However, “the heat has increased after Prime Minister Modi took over in 2014”. During Narendra Modi’s visit to the US in September 2014, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval stayed an extra two days in Washington “mainly to work out ways of capturing or otherwise incapacitating Dawood”. Doval had told his US interlocutors that he wanted to ensure success in hunting Dawood Ibrahim during his tenure in office as the NSA.

The mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts “retains his contacts with Bollywood and is working to ensure through his contacts that favorites of his be given meaty roles”, the sources said.

According to counter-terrorism experts, Dawood’s family is “almost totally unaware of the new identity of their internationally known relative as given in the travel documents”. They further claim that since 2011, Dawood has reduced communicating directly through the telephone. Since 2012, the don has confined travelling.

Source: Zee News


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