Sensational…Sonia Gandhi orders to Tweet against Pranab Mukherjee and here’s what Congress confessed!!!

The madam of Congress orders her team members to tweet against Pranab Mukherjee and here’s what happened on Twitter. The Raj Mata of Congress ordered to trend tweets against the former President of India for his favor towards the RSS and the Congress Confession triggered a start on Twitter.

So eventually the Congress is agreeing that Indian economy was in bad shape during congress tenure!! That’s great. At last, the truth tumbles out from the mouth of the culprits themselves. This is a candid Confession from a Congress leaning journalist that Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee killed India’s economy during 2008-2013. These things were known but finally agreed.

Just one RSS function and all Congressis started accepting the fact that Pranab Mukherjee killed Indian economy under the able guidance of ‘The Economist Manamohan Singh’ during Congress tenure.

Why did the world famous economist in India keep and continue with Pranab Mukherjee as FM? What does this say about the genius Congress party?
Well, this is indeed epic. If this goes on, by evening, the former President will be declared the worst FM ever in India. But still all that’s fine on part of Congress. It was known earlier also and is proved today. The main thing is, what is this frightened government going to do? Gandhi’s will never give them permission to act against anyone.

In maintaining the political untouchability they are distancing themselves from the millions who have voted for them for almost several years now. They have to accept a fact that BJP is the most voted party for a quarter of a century. And many getting exposed, who batted their version of “INDIA” India is a Hindu Country and seen as so, everywhere and this has to be digested, however bitter it is.

Congress : 1) Used Mevani & Urban Naxals in Koregaon

2) Wanted to withdraw cases against PFI

3) Provoked farmers for violence in MP

4) Caste-ism Politics in Haryana, Gujarat

5) Wanted to divide Hindus in Karnataka

All 5 things Ok But Pranab Mukherjee visit RSS is breaking India.

Its strange that Congress is very color conscious. They adore green so wild they love a caliphate? They love red whether blood spilt by Maoists and communists or the red flag but hate saffron and the word Hindu except during elections when all temples are visited and the sacred thread is donned!

India’s Congress Party today seems to have no trouble associating with Communists, Maoists or Islamists, but finds RSS to be untouchable. Happy to see Pranab Mukherjee break that prejudice!