Sensational!!! The Supreme Court Bar Association President’s statement has nailed the 4 Supreme Court judges!

The nation was stunned and confused to see why the 4 Supreme Court judges are holding a press conference. Within no time, they put the allegations on the CJI who had occupied his office a few months ago. Soon, trends started emerging on social media that the democracy is under threat.

The worst part was that the incident slowly and steadily started to get linked with PM Modi. The cyber warriors of Congress started saying PM Modi is slowly killing the government institutions one after another. But the claims made by these 4 Supreme Court judges have been punctured after what the “Supreme Court Bar Association” President revealed.

SC Bar association to hold a meeting over allegations made by 4 senior judges

Was this is a conspiracy to corner the Modi government?

  • “If they had to come for a press conference, then they should have said something substantial. Just creating doubts in the minds of people will not serve the interest of the judiciary. I think this was not properly planned”.
  • “If at all they had anything substantial to say, they should have thought it over first rather than just suggesting something and leaving it to the minds of the people to keep guessing. All of the wild guesses will go all over the country and all kinds of things will be said about the Supreme Court”.
SCBA President Vikas Singh

This was the statement made by Supreme Court BarCounsil Association President. If there really existed a judiciary crisis in the Supreme Court, then the Bar Council would have supported the claims of the 4 rebel judges. The SCBA President also slammed these 4 judges for creating doubts in the minds of the people.

  • The Supreme court judges Justices Madan B. Lokur, Kurien Joseph, Ranjan Gogoi and Jasti Chelameswar questioned the conduct of the CJI. If these 4 judges really wanted to repair the unfair practices that prevailed in the Indian Judiciary, then they would have really sorted it out by holding an internal meeting.
  • Apart from it, the rebel judges wanted the nation to decide on the so-called judiciary crisis, Well, even they knew that the citizens of India can’t do anything else rather than watch the judges. Can the nation appoint the judges? Can the nation publish the judges? No…… So why these 4 rebel judges held a press conference?
  • After holding a press conference, why Jasti Chelameswar secretly met the top left leader D Raja? Does D Raja represent the 1.31 billion Indians?

Who is CJI Deepak Misra? Why Congress party and these 4 rebel judges are against him?

Prashant Bhushan Said If CJI Dipak Misra Has self respect then he should resign | चीफ जस्टिस के पास जरा भी आत्म-सम्मान है तो इस्तीफा दे दें: प्रशांत भूषण | Lokmat News Hindi

1. Two days back, CJI Dipak Misra ordered a special investigation team (SIT) to reopen 1984 Sikh riots cases and investigate 186 cases related to it.

2. Last month, CJI Dipak Misra slammed Kapil Sibal when he asked to postpone the judgement of Ram Janmbhumi case after July 2019.

3. Justice Dipak Misra is leading the bench which will pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case.

4. The judges’ Collegium, everyone knows is a part of the “ecosystem” created over the last 7 decades and has always thwarted efforts to let “outsiders” come in the circle. It was this collegium which Modi Government wanted to dismantle through NJAC and wanted that people’s representatives should have a say in Judge’s appointment. The entire Judiciary ably supported by Congress derailed the entire activity and refused to comply.

5. Well, the campaign against Dipak Misra, maligning the CJI (a constitutional post) baselessly and asking his impeachment a day after he ordered reopening of Sikh riots case and is set to pass judgement on Rama-janmabhumi case shows the power of ecosystem.

As retired SC Judge RS Sodhi said, “These four judges have formed a union. There are 23 other judges as well. This trade unionism to malign the office of CJI is immature and uncalled for. These 4 judges have no right to sit on the highest court and must be impeached.”

Even the Chairman of Bar Council of India bashed the rebel judges!

“Holding a PC on a minor issue of roster is saddening. We have a meeting at 5 pm today & tomorrow our delegation will meet those senior judges, CJI & other judges & request them to not bring issues like these in front of public”, said Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Bar Council of India.

Credits: Kshitij Mohan Singh