Sensational!!! Supreme Court orders National Investigation Agency to probe into Kerala “Love Jihad” case

In recent days, several cases had been lodged in Kerala by the parents of young daughters who dumped them and embraced a man of other community. India is a nation that has never opposed anyone’s marriage. But Hindu organisations showed a strong refrain to the marriage of this Hindu girl. The intension was clear and that was to decimate Hindu community mentally by marrying theory daughters.

When this matter was taken up by Hindu organisation and even the parents, the pseudo gangs said that this is an attempt to disrupt the peace in the society. So the society remained ignorant to this major threat to Hinduism.

But the Supreme Court has now ordered the National Investigation Agency  (NIA) into a case where the marriage of a Hindu woman to a Muslim man after her conversion was annulled by the Kerala High Court as it amounted to ‘Love Jihad’.

“There is a pattern to convert Hindu girls and get them married to Muslim men”. This was not a statement given out by any hardcore Hindu organisation leader but was of National Investigation Agency. Now the NIA will investigate the entire issue under the supervision of former SC judge R V Raveendran.

In December last year, Jahan married Akhila after she converted to Islam. Akhila’s parents alleged that the wedding was a smokescreen to recruit their daughter for the Islamic State. Such kinds of incidence are common in Kerala even after strict vigilance by Hindu organisations.

The court had earlier directed the Kerala Police to render “all assistance” to the NIA in the matter.

Recently, the former DGP of Kerala TP Senkumar also said that love jihad is still being practised by a section of the Muslim community. He said this statement while talking to Samakalika Malayalam, an online publication.

He also said that “there should be attempts from within the community to check religious extremism”. He further added that conversion in the name of love happens only in Islam.

Nishika Ram