Sensational!!! Swami Chakrapani has taken an oath to convert Gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s property into a toilet

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha chief Swami Chakrapani and a Supreme Court lawyer are among the bidders for various properties of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. The government closed the bidding at 4pm and has received an overwhelming response.

Chakrapani intends to construct “an ultra-modern toilet complex” at Hotel Afroz while at the Nagpada property they will be constructing a hospital.

The funds for auction will be raised by Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha and 2-3 people including him will participate in the auction.

Dawood has an infinite number of properties in his name in his birth land Mumbai as well as in Dubai which he has acquired it all over by his power and threat calls.

Chakrapani, who has received several death threats from Dawood’s D-company, has said that “over the years Indian government has glamourized the gangster and due to his fear, no one ever dared to buy his property. “I have no personal enmity with Dawood but I want to end the fear of terrorists by taking their properties and putting them to good public use. People like Dawood are cowards and no one should fear them”.

This is not the first time that Chakrapani is interested in buying Dawood’s property. In a 2015 auction, Chakrapani had bought Dawood’s car for `32,000 and later torched it in Ghaziabad in full public view. Swami told Mail Today that he has received a series of threats from gangster Dawood.

He has said that he has received fresh threats just a few days after four persons were arrested for conspiring to eliminate him.

The report quotes an SMS received by him as follows – “Mein aapne target koh video game ki tarah khelta hu zyada khush hone ki jaroorat nahin. Wait.”(I play with my targets like video games so don’t be too happy!! Just wait)

He also claimed that he has received calls from unknown numbers which he claims to be belonging to Chhota Shakeel.

Supreme Court lawyer Bhupendra Bharadwaj filed his bids for two properties of Dawood. Bharadwaj, a BJP worker and resident of Delhi, said that he has no plans of doing anything with the property but to procure it he has taken loans against his house and broken all his investments.

The advocate has bid for the Ronak Afroz Hotel near JJ flyover and the other property is in Aurangabad.

“I want to tell the world that terrorism cannot survive. In the places that they spread terror I will give it to do some good work. I am hoping this place can be used for nation building,” said Bharadwaj.

The Delhi police special cell last year arrested four people for allegedly plotting to kill Chakrapani. When investigated, they admitted that these were in contact with Chhota Shakeel in order to finish Chakrapani.

The home ministry has already provided swami with a tight security based on the threats hanging over his head from the D-Company.

Chakrapani is indeed taking an immense step and this is quite appreciable, as none could gain courage to stand against the International gangster “Dawood Ibrahim” so far!!
Can this be a beginning to end the reign of underworld don from Mumbai??

Shiki Shetty