Sensational Twist!!! Dr Kafeel Khan, removed from BRD hospital post for dereliction of duty in Gorakhpur Tragedy

“Satyameva Jayate”, this wonderful line has never gone out of trend. This is because India is built on values of sacrifice and brotherhood and not on pillars of war like other nations. Truth alone triumphs and by now this would have been realised by the individuals who wanted to blame and get down CM Yogi in the Gorakhpur Tragedy.

All those who wanted to politicize the Gorakhpur tragedy have failed miserably. The opposition had opted politics over the deaths and even tried to make a person a Hero. But the reality is slowly getting exposed.

Sunday, everyone was excited to click on a name in social networking sites and it was of “Kafeel Khan”. When they clicked on that name (in Facebook \Twitter), they read that “Kafeel Khan is the hero who saved the lives of the several kids when Yogi Government was ignorant”. Some tweets even read CM Yogi as a mass murderer.

The Hero turned out to be the villain!!!

Some even said that Kafeel Khan is a hero and he is a Muslim. What shocks me is that how the deaths of children turned out into a fight between Hindus and Muslims!!! But however, later it was found that he was in charge of ensuring the supply of oxygen supplies.

The medical college sources said that “A day after he was reported as saving many encephalitis-affected children, he was accused of fabricating stories in the media to show himself as a saviour of children”.

Look at the below tweet. It clearly symbolizes that someone paid hefty amount to project Mr Khan as a hero.

Why did he show himself as the saviour when he was the real culprit for the massacre of these children? This clearly shows that Dr Kafeel knew that he would be behind bars for dereliction of duty when the investigation would progress. Therefore the tactics to gain sympathy was floated in the internet.

Dr Kafeel Khan was responsible for ensuring a steady supply of oxygen cylinders in the medical college but it was allegedly said that he was negotiating the commission with the Oxygen vendor to release the payment.

Khan was in the purchase committee of the medical college and was aware of the fact that of the pending dues of Pushpa Sales, the Lucknow-based company that supplies oxygen cylinders to the medical college. It was reported that the oxygen supply was hit due to non-clearance of dues to the tune of Rs 68 lakh to the supplier agency.

What a great doctor he is!!!

“Ran pillar to post to arrange for oxygen cylinders at the time of crisis”. This was the headline found in all the media. If he was that great, then why didn’t he even act when the dues heaped up to Rs 68 lakhs? Looking at this, the allegation against Khan for negotiating commission seems valid.

How can he run a private hospital?

This is a question which haunts every sensible person. He was already a doctor in a state run hospital but he had even a private hospital of 50-bed for children named “Medispring Hospital and Research Centre” in Gorakhpur. This itself nailed his fraudulent practises.

Have a look at these tweets allegedly posted back in 2011 by the so called “Hero” about women. This itself indicates his iota of respect towards women.

Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/gorakhpur-deaths-hailed-as-hero-dr-kafeel-khan-of-brd-hospital-removed-from-post/story-TDJ9kRXSFZfFkm9mMAI6zI.html

Nishika Ram