Sensational Twist !!! Dubai Police reveals that actress Sridevi didn’t die due to cardiac arrest

Initially, it was said that Actress Sridevi died due to a cardiac arrest but this claim has completely toppled after the forensic report was released by the Dubai Police today evening. The death certificate mentions the cause of the death of actress Sridevi as an accidental drowning.

Forensic report says actor died of accidental drowning!

Times Now reported that Sridevi drowned in the bathtub after she got a cardiac arrest whereas Aaj Tak claimed that Alchohol content was traced in her body.

  • Forensic reports shows traces of alcohol found in #Sridevi’s body, reports UAE’s Gulf News.
  • Under the influence of alcohol, Sridevi lost her balance, fell into the bathtub and drowned

If Sridevi fell, why there are no bruises on her body? Asks a Doctor

  • If she “fell” then there must be bruises. if she fell face down then bruises on the face and forehead. If she fell backwards then contusion injury on the back of the head. We need to see the entire Post mortem report to know with some certainty.

Here’s the timeline on Sridevi’s death!

  • Boney Kapoor reached the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel around 5.30pm (Dubai time) and woke Sridevi up and they chatted for about 15 minutes.
  • Sridevi then went to the bathroom to get ready. When she didn’t come out for 15 minutes, Boney knocked on the door. He did not get any response and forced open the door, to find her lying motionless in the bathtub that was full of water.
  • Mr Kapoor tried to revive her and when he could not, he called a friend of his. After that, he informed the police at 9 pm, said Firstpost.com.

According to the rule, if death has taken place outside the hospital then it takes 24 hours to complete the process. The report will be given to the local police, which investigates the matter. If the death is natural, the police give NoC and transfer certificate.

3 different theories on Sridevi’s death mystery right now.

1. Post-mortem: Death due to accidental drowning.
2. ANI: Traces of alcohol found in bloodstream, cardiac arrest.
3. Khaleej Times: Death due to accidental drowning, no cardiac arrest at all.

No suspicions on the death!

  • There is always safety warning before using bathtub in hotel, People under alcohol control may get drowned, There is possibility she got cardiac arrest and couldn’t get out of Bathtub.

But few have begun to express suspicions over her death!

  • “Gulf News” daal mein kuch kaala hai. There should be more investigation. How can a person die in bathtub when her husband was just in another room?

Much like the death of Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’s death?

  • So it wasn’t botox that killed her. And she was insulted for it. And now the insult conveniently shifts to alcohol found in viscera. That her end came in a hotel room like Sunanda Pushkar is pertinent. The door lock of bathroom may have been broken moments before she stepped in!

Earlier, Veteran actor expressed anger at the media for calling Sridevi to a “mere body”. He tweeted “How has Sridevi all of a sudden become the “body”? All television channels reporting “the body will be brought to Mumbai in the night!” Suddenly your individuality gets lost and becomes a mere body??”

Hansika Raj