Sensational Twist!!! Gauri Lankesh is still alive? Here are some shocking revelations

The entire narrative set by the left wing brigade has suddenly vanished after the incident that took place yesterday. Everyone assumed that Gauri Lankesh was murdered on September 5th at her residence in Bengaluru by unknown murderers.

But what has taken place yesterday has proved that Gauri Lankesh is still alive. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) had said that the password details of Gauri Lankesh’s Facebook account was unable to retrieve. But all of all a sudden, the Facebook account of Gauri Lankesh was activated on October 25th.

Why this is a biggest twist in the murder case? Is this another move to destroy evidence?

SIT mentioned that they are unable to hack senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s Facebook account. This proves that the investigation team had not opened her account by means of hacking.

Gauri Lankesh is a known figure in the field of journalism and that’s why she has taken every measure to safeguard her password details. But who can login to her Facebook account all of sudden after 50 days?

At present, perhaps Facebook is the only tool to trace the murderers and get any clue regarding them. Now that her account is active, this might be a part of a bigger conspiracy. Let me explain you why! Facebook gives you the privilege to modify your account posts. So it is clear that Gauri’s account is activated with an intention to twist the direction of investigation.

This can be probably done by deleting the post, changing the date, tagging or un-tagging the individuals

Who has activated Gauri Lankesh’s account?

As the SIT clarified that they couldn’t activate the account, then this might be definitely done by Gauri Lankesh herself considering the fact that there are no others better hackers than SIT.

Let us assume that Gauri Lankesh is alive. So who has activated her account?

Other than Gauri Lankesh, this man has her Facebook password!!!

Yes, there is another man who has the account details of Gauri Lankesh. His name is ‘Kuntady Nitesh’ and he himself has revealed that Gauri had given him the details of her account as she was unable to understand the complex setting of Facebook.

Technology is so advanced that the ‘Cyber Crime’ team can trace any account details. But why can’t they trace and reveal who activated Gauri Lankesh’s account?

Why SIT gave contradictory statements?

Initially, investigation team said that the face of killers is unable to trace as they had covered their it during the assassination. But how did the team release the sketches of the culprits which had ‘thilak’ on their forehead? Isn’t it strange?

From unable to even see the culprits’ face, the team found ‘thilak’. So everything is getting very mysterious in this murder case. Will the actual murderers be nabbed or will innocents be sent behind the bars?

Ananya Sharma