Sensational twist in Gorakhpur Tragedy!!! Supply of oxygen cylinders were never cut-off; Who carried out the cylinder theft racket?

As days passed, the Gorkkhpur tragedy gained several twists. Initially, the media reported that due to shortage of oxygen supply the deaths occured. But now, Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd, the company which was responsible for the supply of gas cylinders revealed that it never stopped the supply of oxygen even though Rs 69 lakhs were pending. This has now toppled the scenario of the Gorakhpur tragedy.

Meenu Walia of Pushpa Sales told the newspaper, “Liquid oxygen supply by Pushpa Sales to BRD hospital, irrespective of overdue payment, was duly maintained. First supply for this month was made on 4 August and the next intimation for refilling request from the BRD hospital came on 11 August, which was fulfilled on 12 August.”

She further added that the company had even sent legal notice to the hospital but had not stopped the supply of oxygen cylinders. The firm had opted humanitarian values over money.

The MD of the company, Manish Bhandari revealed even more shocking incident. He said that due to the theft of a big oxygen cylinder, there occurred a shortage of oxygen in the hospital. Now this points towards Dr Kafeel Khan.

Kafeel Khan had fabricated stories in the media to portray him as a life saviour. But later it was found that he had allegedly stocked oxygen cylinder in his private hospital which he was running illegally. Now looking at the statement of Manish Bhandari, the suspicion is getting stronger that it was not the irresponsibility of Yogi Government but of the greed of insiders led to the death of innocent children.

The contract papers of Pushpa Sales Pvt Ltd said that the hospital should keep 400 cylinders, but the hospital ad just 50 cylinders. So it clearly says that there was a theft racket running in the hospital.

The oxygen shortage was reported on 10th August, between 11:30pm & 1:30am. But no death was reported in this period. It was also found that the deaths didn’t occur due to the shortage o oxygen.

Now who was involved in the theft of cylinders? A petty thief won’t do this but a doctor or an individual who has links with other hospitals to resale it will carry out this act. Now, it was heard that Dr Kafeel Khan was referring patients of Encephalitis to his private hospital.

But what out twitter warriors did? They called CM Yogi as a murder. We believe in truth and truth alone will prevail. Everything is expected to get revealed after the investigation is done.

Nishika Ram