Sensational twist in Maharashtra clash! Former SIMI terrorist’s son conspired the dirty riot to burn Maharashtra?


Once again, the dirty politics has been unleashed and time only will say whether the “divide and rule” policy of the anti-nationals will succeed. While the entire nation is stunned after witnessing the Maharashtra violence, the RSS has revealed that the then JNU’s students who raised anti-national slogans are behind the violence which is taking place in Maharashtra. The statement made by RSS is not a wild allegation because when we connect the dots, we can conclude that the entire violence in Maharashtra was well scripted.

Here are the few shocking points that will entirely change the way you see the Bhima-Koregaon riots!

  • Every year, about 15,000 people assemble at the memorial but this year the crowd was 3.5 lakh strong. This itself leads to further suspicion as to why there was so a massive hike in the number of people who attended the celebration?
  • Let us agree that it was a victory for Dalits over the Peshwas (even though it was Britisher’s victory over the Peshwas) but why did Umar Khalid-the man who wanted to break Indian- attend and delivered a (provocative) speech?
  • It the intentions of the celebrations was noble then the organizers would have called President Ram Nath Kovind as he is a Dalit. But this didn’t happen as a Muslim-Umar Khalid was called to give out a speech and in a video, he was fear mongering.
  • This makes it clear that the celebration was intended to stoke violence and not inspire the Dalits.

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Umar Khalid, son of former SIMI terrorist!

The man who is fond of chanting anti-national slogans-Umar Khalid-is son of SQR Ilyasi, a former chief of banned terror outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

‘Bharat ki barbaadi’, ‘Bharat ke tukde’ and ‘Pakistan zindabad’, all these slogans emerged under the guidance of Umar Khalid in an event organised in the name of terrorist Afzal Guru. With these slogans,Umar poisoned the young minds in the college campus.

“If you are branding my communist son a traitor because of my past, and holding him to trial in TV studios, it is worse than targeting… He is being punished in media studios for having a Muslim name“. This was the statement of Former SIMI terrorist and father of Umar Khalid a year back. “Where the hell is he punished for having a Muslim name?”, is a common question that haunts every Indian’s mind. Umar Khalid was bashed by the Indians (This includes each and every religion) just because he wanted to break India.

This makes it clear that Umar Khalid had clear intentions to create violence by provoking Dalits of Maharashtra against rest of the Hindus. To further strengthen the claims, Pune police have booked Umar Khalid and Rahul Gandhi’s poster boy Jignesh Mewani.

Here is the FIR copy!!!

Is this the riot planned by Congress?

In the past, several other riots had taken place where Dalits were targeted but the Congress and allies but never the issue could grab national attention. But Bhim-Koregaon violence is echoing even at the Parliament sessions which makes it clear that there is a bigger conspiracy behind this.

Dalits were targeted in the Congress ruled state! Below is the list if how Dalits were the victims under the Congress ruled states yet the Congress is now acting as a savior of the Dalits, just to divide the Hindu society which is slowing uniting after PM Modi ascended the throne at Delhi.

  • 2006 in Maharashtra
  • 2008 in Rajasthan
  • 2011 in Haryana
  • 2012 in Dharmapuri
  • 2013 in Marakkanam

In all the above places, Dalits were assaulted but Congress is now blaming on BJP.

Not just Congress, even BSP, AAP, CPI (M) had also exhibited violence against the Dalits of India.It was BJP that raised the standards of living.

Hansika Raj