Sensational!! Will an Underground Uprising divide China into several parts, just like USSR?

China is undoubtedly World’s biggest Economy and a Military Superpower. It is also the Manufacturing hub of the World, it manufactures almost everything you can imagine. The credit should go to the Communist regime of China which has taken a complete control of all the possible resources of the Nation and sometimes they are being accused of suppressing the Human rights of their Citizens.

However sometimes we do hear some voices against Chinese Government. In recent times we have seen some protests from Monks in Tibet, however their movement was crushed with brute force and since then they are keeping quiet. However, in recent times there are some undercurrent going on in Chinese Politics which may result in the Balkanization of China in near future.

As I said earlier, Chinese Communist Party has a complete control over China, and they give an impression that they have a strong unity among them. However, the so-called unity within the Chinese Communist Party is in a big trouble as all three factions are involved in a bitter feud. This is likely to intensify in the coming months, triggering the beginning of a possible revolution and then disintegration of the country into seven independent territories.

Jiang Zemin who is leading Shanghai faction, and Hu Jintao-led Beijing faction are caught in a covert war with Zhenjiang faction, led by President Xi Jinping, and each one is trying to eliminate the influence of the other in the dirty political game. And the factor which is providing the fuel to the fire is the massive labor unrest, pro-democracy protests against the Jinping government. Chinese Government has censored this news from their Media completely.

Chinese experts who are keeping a close eye on this development believe that the political collapse is imminent and could result in an unprecedented crackdown against the opposition, Human Rights activists and Civic Society. Some underground activists, who always remain in hiding due to fear of assassination by the Government have mentioned that they can sense a major political uprising against the Xi Jinping Government ahead of 19th National Congress of the Communist Party.

Few Experts also said that Doklam issue and overwhelming support for North Korea are nothing but diversion techniques to garner emotional support for President Jinping. The communist government has sensed that China has finally reached a tipping point and Xinjiang, Manchuria, Hong Kong, Tibet, Chengdu, Zhangzhung and Shanghai could turn into free nations.

It is also observed that all the anti-India demonstrations in China are being sponsored by the ruling Communist Party. However, the pro-democracy activists have sensed the opportunity and they are quietly working to engineer a revolution against China’s one-party rule to install a democratic government.

Pre Democracy Activists are ready for a long battle, they know it may take few years or may be a decade but their spirits are too high and they are preparing for another revolution like they did in 1989.

The main objective of the Chinese Communist Party is absolute monopoly by any means but we have strengthened the rights groups since early 2000 that have given us the possibility for revolution. The Communist Party, led by Xi Jinping, is also facing major crises between the party and people, and an economic crisis.

Manish Sharma