Sensational!!! Woman alleges rape attempt and physical assault by a Youth Congress Unit’s Vice-President

Looks like the Indian National Congress is pushing its members to indulge in a repeated number of crimes to back up fraud in UN report organized by them. In a shocking news break, a woman has alleged that she has been physically assaulted and attempted to rape by the Vice president of Youth Congress Unit, Puttur!!

Is this the Women Empowerment you always talk about? Is this what your party follows? Rahul Gandhi don’t you think you must look at the characters of your party members before you point your fingers at others?? First, do make sure you and your party follows it genuinely and stop your fake outrage on Social Media.

BIG NEWS: Woman alleges rape attempt and physical assault by Vice-President of Puttur Youth Congress Unit, Salim. Incident took place at Purushakatte in Puttur Taluk.

What is happening? Now can we please expect some outrage and sacking of your own people? Which Congress leader will dare to come forward and answer this act?? As per sources, Further details of the victim and the accused Salim are yet to be known. The Incident took place in Purushakatte in Puttur Taluk in Karnataka. 

INC India you are right. Women are literally unsafe in India under Congress rule. Thomson Reuters survey of 500 intellectuals should be women from Congress and you mistook it as “Hindustan to be unsafe” and propagated the fake news defaming Hindustan, which is your most loved job as usual!!

Vice President of Puttur Youth Congress, Salim alleged of rape attempt and physical abuse.

Is this the kind of women empowerment INC India keeps on talking about?

Are women inside Congress safe?



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