Sensing defeat in Madhya Pradesh elections, Congress leaders started floating false”EVM” theories within an hour of voting

The voting is on for 230 Assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh. Till 9 am 6.32 percent voters have turned out.19 % voting has been reported so far. It’s not so long the voting has started but Congress party and its leaders as usual in the fear of losing the elections are back with their complaints of EVMs

They have started singing the tunes of EVM’s not working properly. It all first started with the Congress leader Digvijay Singh. Congress leader Digvijaya Singh tweeted that EVMs are malfunctioning in constituencies where Congress is strong.

He further advised the Congress leaders to look upon the following two points
To note the number of machine being replaced with the faulty EVM Machine
To check the new machine by mock voting votes before putting it in front of people for actual voting

After which another senior Congress leader Kamal Nath started complaining about faulty EVM Machines and raised question how it could be possible that all over the state in large numbers faulty machines are being witnessed. The leader urged the Election Commission to soon take action against this and replace the machines.

After nearly an hour of complaints by Congress leaders Digvijay Singh & Kamal Nath another Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia  too stepped in and started floating “EVM hacking theory”. He further requested Election Commission to ensure fair election over the reports of malfunctioned EVMs

It’s not the first time Congress leaders have propagated this theory. Congress leaders and its friendly journalists have always resorted to false claims of EVM hacking when they know that they are bound to lose.
Congress leaders have no developmental work to show on the basis of which they can win the elections. They have always resorted to lies before the election, during the election and even after the elections. Only blame game is what Congress do.

But Congress should understand that such cheap tactics are not going to get party anywhere. People of the nation are well aware of their cheap tactics and very well know for whom they have to vote.
The declarations by Congress leaders are itself proof that they are going to lose and are preparing ground for moral victory