Sensing defeat, Karnataka Congress leader enacts a drama but gets ripped apart by the angry Kannadigas

It has been not so long the voting for the Karnataka Assembly Election has started but the drama of Congress party and its leader is on full swing. They have started making allegations about the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM).

Congress leader and Supreme Court of India Advocate Brijesh Kalappa tweeted that in Bengaluru Sterling Residency RMV II Stage there are five booths out of which in one of the booth EVM’s are not responding properly. Any button pressed is registering a vote only to Kamal Ke Phool i.e.regardless of your choice the vote is going for the BJP party. He also said that due to this people are getting angry and returning to their home without casting the vote.

I really didn’t understand how the Congress leader knows that, every button pressed registers vote to BJP? Has he tried pressing all the buttons?

This isn’t the first time Congress is resorting to such stupid claims. Almost in all elections, they have taken up issues of EVM’s. The Congress’s often has made repeated accusations that the Centre and the BJP have manipulated Electronic Voting Machines to win elections. Wherever they win, there EVM is good, and where they lose, there they start singing about EVMs.

When Congress know that it’s defeat is certain it starts making false claims. People have slammed the Congress leader on his stupid claims.

One of the users tweeted that I have voted at the same place and there is nothing like this happening at the booth. On this Congress leader told that voting hasn’t started yet in that booth. Then user slammed him by saying how come you know, pressing any button votes get registered in the favour of BJP if it hasn’t started.

Another user also dismissed his claim by saying that Nothing like this is happening.

Some users even made fun of Congress leader claims that even by pressing their TV remote and shirt buttons they are getting messages of vote being registered in favour of BJP.

Some even made fun by claiming, hacking of EVMs by bluetooth as was also earlier rumoured during Gujrat Election.

Can EVM really be tampered? What’s the reality behind this statement.

No, it is not true. It is almost impossible to hack/temper EVMs. Some important steps Election Commission follows during elections.

1. Before every election, a first level checking (FLC) is done for every EVM to be used in the election in the presence of political parties’ representatives.

2. Candidates and their representatives are allowed to conduct mock polls on EVMs at the time of candidate setting and also before the actual poll on the poll day to satisfy themselves about the satisfactory functioning of EVMs being used.

3. Once the candidate setting is done, the Ballot Unit of the EVM is also sealed with thread/Pink Paper seals so that nobody has access to the inside of the Ballot Unit too. These Pink seals also bear signatures of representatives of political parties/candidate.

4On the poll day, a mock poll by casting at least 50 votes is conducted at every polling station in the presence of the representatives of the candidates/polling agents with their signature and a mock-poll certificate to that effect is obtained from every Presiding Officer.

5. After the mock poll is over, another thread seal and green paper seals are put on the EVM to block access to all buttons on the EVM, except those, which are used for the conduct of poll. These paper seals and thread seals are allowed to be signed by the polling agentsAfter the poll is over, the Presiding officer presses the “Close” button on the EVM in the presence of polling agents. Thereafter, no votes can be polled in the EVM.

6. After this, the entire EVM is sealed. Candidates and their agents are allowed to put their signatures on the seals, which they can check for the intactness of the seal before counting. Candidates/representatives travel behind vehicles carrying EVMs from polling stations to counting storage rooms.

7. In addition to this, the strong rooms where EVMs are stored, for counting are also sealed and watched round the clock. The candidates and their representatives are allowed to put their own seals on the strong rooms. They are also allowed to keep a watch round the clock on the strong room. Security forces are deployed in multiple layers around storage rooms.

8. The representatives of candidates of all political parties are given the opportunity to participate in FLC, Preparation of EVMs before the poll, mock poll, etc.

Hence, it is almost impossible for anyone to hack/tamper the EVMs. This all data is presented by Election Commission for answering to the questions on the credibility of EVMs. So the voter can fully trust EVMs

This is just start by the Congress. Still, there are lot of such stupid claims to come from Congress party as they have no other claims to justify their defeat. They don’t accept the fact that the people of nation have made their minds to throw Congress out of this nation. People are moving toward achieving a “Congress Mukt Bharat”. People don’t want these looters to loot the nation.