September 7th will be the last day for the Congress-JD (S) government in Karnataka?

Right from day one, irrespective of their political inclination, the Kannadigas had a question in their minds. It was “how long the Karnataka government run by Congress and JD (S) would last?”.

And the answer is September 7th, 2018.

This statement is made after a tussle erupted between Rahul Gandhi’s men in Karnataka. This has put even the CM Kumaraswamy in great anxiety.

Tussle between Jarkiholi brothers and Lakshmi Hebbalkar puts Congress in trouble:

Recently the Jarkiholi brothers made an all out attack at the MLA Lakshmi Hebbalkar due to Primary Land Development (PLD) Bank. The fight between Municipal Administration Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, his brother Satish Jarkiholi and Lakshmi Hebbalkar escalated over the election of PLD Bank chairman and vice-chairman posts. And regarding the election dates, the Jarkiholi brothers wanted to postpone it but through court verdict, MLA Lakshmi Hebbalkar who wanted to hold the elections soon, got victory.

So after the orders came that the elections should be held sooner, the angry Jarkiholi brothers went on a protest and this angered the Congress high command.

The entry of DK Shivkumar made the situation even messier:

Everyone knows that DK Shivkumar played an important role after the Karnataka elections. As he was close to Lakshmi Hebbalkar, he decided to calm down the Jarkiholi brothers but what happened next has just stunned the Congress- JD (S) alliance government.

September 7th, the deadline for the Congress- JD (S) government:

On September 7th the PLD Bank result will be out but before that have a look at the statement given by the Jarkiholi brothers. When DK Shivkumar tried to reduce the intensity of the fight, the furious Jarkiholi brothers said that they will wait and watch till 7th September.

Not just this, the Jarkiholi brothers openly rebelled against DK Shivkumar saying that “this is Belagavi and not Bangalore. Let him mind his own business and not interfere in Belagavi issues. We know what to do in Belagavi and will wait till September 7th as everything will be revealed on that day”.

Lakshmi Hebbalkar, the close aide of DK Shivkumar had borrowed crores of loans from Jarkiholi brothers:

Now you might wonder why the powerful Congress leaders are fighting against themselves. It is said that in order to construct a sugar factory in Maharasthra, Lakshmi Hebbalkar had borrowed 9 crores of loans from Jarkiholi brothers and even from various banks but she never repaid it.

Now there are every chances that Jarkiholi brothers might rebel against the Congress party and join the BJP. Even before, the Jarkiholi brothers had plans of joining BJP but the Congress managed to handle the situation.

Now the issue has once again escalated and even a senior Congress leader has traveled to Delhi to discuss on it with the high command. And everything will be clear by 7th September, especially the fate of the Congress- JD (S) government.

Even if early elections take place, there is a chance that the BJP might secure about 150 seats out of 224 due to the Narendra Modi wave.

Hansika Raj