Serial Liar Prannoy Roy and NDTV Completely Exposed in Money Laundering Scam!

As we had published an article two days back, exposing the money laundered by Pranav Roy and NDTV, which was backed by hand written confession made by NDTV’s CEO K V L Narayan Rao. Narayan Rao in his 33 page long hand written document had admitted of money laundering of $150 million done by NDTV through a bogus company floated in Netherlands. The expose` was also backed by reproducing a 54  page document of Income Tax Department.

As expected, NDTV in its reply to pgurus who exposed the illegal money laundering first has called the expose fake and an attempt to malign the image of a news agency which follows high standards. It is ridiculous that a news agency which carries out hate mongering news on its channels and targets only a section of the community to gain TRP is calling names to others. We all know the standard of Barkha Dutt and Pranav Roy who thrive on defaming India and Indians. These are the very people who help the extremists by raising their voice against the establishment using the term freedom of expression, and are now trying to hide under the same veil when we are using our freedom of expression to expose NDTV and its owners of their illegal activities.

NDTV conveniently ignored 14 pages of the document, which are actually the findings of Income Tax Departments in its rebuttal. This alone shows how the ‘journalism’ of high standards are being used in its response by NDTV. What is more shocking is that NDTV and its team which claims credit of bringing out huge scams by getting access to secret documents is today questioning the whistleblowers as to how did they get access to documents. NDTV should not forget that it is listed entity and therefore there should be complete transparency in its operation.

News is that somebody, somewhere wants to suppress, rest all is advertising, this quote of Lord Northcliffe aptly suits NDTV who in their current state are trying all their might to suppress the facts. The role of journalism is to bring out confidential reports which create panic and uneasiness among the law breakers. We want to make one thing very clear to NDTV and its owners that as and when we receive any information of wrong doing by anyone, we repeat ‘Anyone’ we will not hesitate even a bit to expose that particular person, party, or organization.

Mr Pranav Roy and NDTV are trying to attack the whistleblowers rather than coming out with concrete facts which prove the expose wrong. The hypocrisy of NDTV and Mr. Roy is such that they have not yet replied to the articles on transferring NDTV’s money of $21.5 million (Rs 145 Crores) by Roy and his wife.

In its article calling out the expose as fake NDTV again tried to twist the truth by bringing in the verdict of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT). NDTV in its report presented to the BSE dated 28th September 2016 clearly shows that it was fined by Income Tax a huge amount of Rs. 525 Crores for tax evasion. Mr Roy stop please stop your blatant lies as ITAT has not stayed any proceedings rather said that the fine of Rs 525 crores will be charged after the final appeal before ITAT which is a normal verdict. This happens so in every case whenever someone challenges the Income Tax fine at ITAT.

One more hypocrisy of Mr Roy is that being the owner it was his prerogative to take the onus on himself and face income Tax authorities and Enforcement Directorate but instead he is sending K V L Narayan Rao before all the forums like Income Tax, Election Directorate. One more sword hanging on Mr. Roy is the show cause notice issued by Enforcement Directorate (ED) for Rs 2030 crores ($301 mn) which  shows it is an illegal money laundering activity which can be booked under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and the key participants in illegal activity can be jailed for 3-7 years.

Dear NDTV and Mr Roy, this is an era of social media where you cannot hide any facts, which you had the luxury before the advent of social media. Mr. Roy we are waiting for your rebuttal based on facts and not some non-professional reply. Have some standard Mr. Roy the nation is watching your moves closely. Lastly, we would like to add that your channel has already lost all the credibility that you assumed it had. Now it’s  time for you to come out clean or face the tune.

We only wish one thing. May the Truth Prevail.

Ramchandra Bhat**


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