Several youths on social media declare “I am a proud Hindu”; Fed up of pseudo secular media targeting Hinduism, youths turn religious from atheist

The most tolerant religion was suffering the most by the pseudo seculars. Yes, it was Hinduism. Even though Hindus never tried to insult and create troubles for any religion, it was suppressed, mocked time and again. These pseudo seculars were trying to label Hinduism as another name of communal violence. Due to this, many youths were hesitating to talk about Hinduism among their friends from other community. Many didn’t perform religious rituals front of their friends thinking that they will be tagged as communal.

But there is an end for every evil act. So till date, the communal brigade were getting sadistic pleasure by insulting Hinduism but now a wave has started within Hinduism by the Hindus. And that wave is to support their religion openly.

The youths of India were fed up by the regular criticism of Hinduism. Many Hindus considered themselves as atheist but now they have come back to their religion. They have decided to call themselves as “a proud Hindu”.

This is a huge victory for the Hindu community because Hindus were the one who didn’t have unity among themselves. This disunity was smartly utilised by several others to break Hinduism.

Hindus lost to Muslim invaders due to lack of unity but this time Hindus won’t lose against pseudo journalists and pseudo seculars. When we awaken from within, no one break us, not even an armed enemy.

Look at how twitter users proudly announced that they are Hindus and are proud of it.






Source: readindiaright.com

(Disclaimer: Image for representative purpose only)

Nishika Ram