“Shaadi Shagun”, a fantastic scheme by PM Modi; Look how Congress is trying to hijack its credit

In order to empower the Muslim women and to encourage them for higher education, the central government introduced  anew scheme named as Shaadi Shagun, which gives Rs.51000 for the graduated Muslim women.

Union majority affairs subordinate organization of the ministry of Maulana Azad foundation (MAEF) has decided to take this step to help Muslim women. It says, “The purpose of this plan is to encourage the girls to complete their education at university or at the college well. This move has been named as shogun, the earliest marriage.”

In Islam, most of the girls get marriage in their early age and also, without completing the graduation. Most of the girls cannot continue after 10th. And, to empower them through education, central government decided to solve this problem through Maulana foundation.

Recently, the Minority affairs ministerMukhtar decided to term the fundings as a scholarship to the girls. By MAEF, witnessed by Abbas Naqwi in which the decision has been made as a key. Apart, it was decided to give 10 thousand Rupees for those Muslim girls studying in the 9th and 19th grade. So far, if they are studying in 11th and 12th grade, got a scholarship of Rs.12000 rupees.

Controversies led by the state government!!

Karnataka Central Government stating that Central had copied the scheme for vote bank. While introducing this scheme, few congress leaders strongly opposed the decision of central and alleged that it’s only for vote bank.

But, how it’s not a vote bank, but to empower girls?

There is a difference in Central Government’s funded Shagun and Karnataka government’ s funded Shagun Scheme.

The state government’s scheme is introduced by the social welfare department, which funds for eligible for 1000 beneficiaries. According to this scheme, every minority community like Islam, Jains, Parsi, Sikh, Christian could take the benefitsof this scheme. But, the state represented it as “Only Muslim Community” as the beneficiary and named as  “Shaadi Bhagya”, where there is no eligibilities at all.

On the other hand, Shaadi Shagun, introduced by Central funds Rs.51000 only for “Graduated Muslim Women”, in their marriage period. The theme behind this scheme of Central is to encourage the education lessMuslim women to get an education. The reason behind this scheme is “Domestic Violence” and “Triple Talaq” in their community.

Recently, some women requested Yogi Adithyanath,The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to fulfil the justice by sending Rakhis. And then, a few of them requested to the Prime Minister to give a permanent solution. As a result, the Modi Government introduced this scheme with certain eligibilities as well in order to help those women.

But, the state government declared in it’s scheme that any Muslim could get a benefit from the scheme. As a result, as far, the community women did not get any empowerment and power in their hands, but men who used this scheme in the name of a woman.

Now, we should think twice before bully the scheme as Vote Bank.

Azad Maulana Foundation (AMF):

The Foundation was established on the occasion of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s birth centenary celebrations.

The Foundation was established to promote education amongst the educationally backward minorities in particular and other weaker sections in general. The Foundation is a voluntary, non-political, non-profit making social service organization, established to promote education amongst educationally backward minorities.

The central government Is not funding directly, but through the Azad Maulana Foundation, which is serving the community women. And, those graduated women could get benefits through this Foundation in their marriage period.

For further information, you may visit http://www.maef.nic.in/

Shika Mahajan