Shafi Armar, a Bhatkal resident declared as global terrorist by USA

There is a general opinion that ISIS don’t have any roots in India. But NIA had always kept a close watch on the youths who were caught while trying to join ISIS. But now there has been a shocking news for the Indian security officials. Because USA has announced that Mohammad Shafi Armar is a global terrorist. Shafi Armar is a one-time Karnataka resident charged by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) with playing a key role in Islamic State operations targeting India.

He was announced as a global terrorist by USA’s Treasury Department yesterday. So others are prohibited from doing any transactions or deals with him.

The treasury department said, it had acted in coordination with the Iraq government to disrupt an Islamic State “financial facilitation network” by designating Iraqi national Umar al-Kubaysi and his company, Al-Kawthar Money Exchange.

Between late 2015 and early 2016, Al-Kawthar transferred about $2.5 million while working with another Iraq-based money exchange firm that was associated with IS facilitators.

What is the background of Shafi Armar?

Shafi Armar was a primary recruiter for the IS but the security forces of various countries thought that he was dead. But the security forces later decoded the mystery and said that he is still alive. IS has spread this fake news so that Shafi can freely operate without any threat from the intelligence of USA and India.

Shafi’s brother Sultan Armar had died in the battle of Kobane in March 2015, since then Shafi became the chief recruiter in India. Shafi was considered to be a major threat because he was successful in attracting Indian youths to the ISIS. He had built a strong network within India which was secretly supplying weapons for terror activities. Armar brothers had joined the Al-Qaeda, but before that they were linked to IM. But soon they decided to join ISIS as it was growing rapidly in Syria and Iraq.

Source: One India and Hindustan Express

Rajat Bhandary