Shafique Ahmad, the Modi-hater who abused Sushma Swaraj with extremely derogatory words arrested by Mau Police

As soon as the ‘Right Wingers’ started to give suggestions to Sushma Swaraj and her External Affairs Ministry for the blunders they had created in the Tanvi Seth passport drama, a conspiracy was hatched to create a rift between the hardcore BJP supporters and the top leaders of BJP.

The left-leaning propaganda websites published one after another attack on the BJP supporters and even expressed sympathy on Sushma Swaraj. Barkha Dutt with her article titled “If even India’s foreign minister isn’t safe from right-wing trolls, who is?” even brought embarrassment to India.

So my question is if the right-wingers who are branded as trolls and had abused Sushma Swaraj, then why there hasn’t taken place any arrest? Simple question, yet cannot be ignored. Its just because the right wingers didn’t abuse but had just given out their suggestions to Sushma Swaraj.

I’m posing this question because the Uttar Pradesh police have arrested a man for abusing Sushma Swaraj with highly derogatory words. The man who did this heinous act was Shafique Ahmad and he is not a right winger but a Modi-hater and a serial abuser.

Below is the extremely derogatory tweet of Shafique Ahmad in which he had even tagged Sushma Swaraj and Anupam Kher.

Even though Sushma Swaraj did a mistake in the Tanvi Seth passport case, Indians cannot ignore her relentless works in the past 4 years. So for just being a Modi hater, one cannot abuse Sushma Swaraj like how Shafique Ahmad did.

That’s why the Mau police arrested him and did a commendable job. This should be considered as a warning by all the abusers who abuse and send messages of hatred to BJP supporters and leaders on social media.

When the Twitter Timeline of Shafique Ahmad was probed a bit, one could see various tweets with hatred filled messages against the BJP leaders. Below is a gist of his hate-factory.

But the left-leaning websites are not even talking of the abuse made by Shafique Ahmad. Barkha Dutt had stated “The army of right-wing trolls who targeted Swaraj is normally deployed to strike at enemies across ideological enemy lines. Journalists have been routinely smeared, slandered and, in several cases, threatened with rape and death”.

But now Barkha Dutt hasn’t even tweeted on the derogatory words used by Shafique Ahmad. Indian journalists need to stop this form of journalism, for the nation’s betterment.

Hansika Raj