Shame on Congress and Kejriwal for peddling lies!!! There was nothing suspicious about Justice Loya’s death, says two judges from Bombay HC

Congress party which was loitering jobless and clueless ahead of Gujarat elections, sprung to actions after a report that was published in Caravan Magazine. The report alleged that there could be possibility of BJP’s involvement in the death of Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, the CBI judge was presiding over the Sohrabuddin trial in the CBI special court in Mumbai.

The judge had died on 1st December, 2014 due to cardiac arrest but the Congress party after 3 years felt that the death of the judge can be used to gain political mileage during Gujarat election.

Big blow to Congress and Kejriwal’s claim!!!

The judges who were present at the hospital on that day have stressed that there was nothing suspicious. Not just the judges but even the doctors have said that each and every procedure including ECG and post-mortem was carried out without anyone’s interruption.

How “Caravan Magazine” published a false report!!!

Caravan had also reported that Judge BH Loya was carried to the hospital in an auto rickshaw. But this claim has fallen flat after the eyewitness revealed what actually had happened on that night.

“Loya was staying with fellow judges Shridhar Kulkarni and Shriram Madhusudan Modak. He experienced a health problem around 4 am. (Local judge) Vijaykumar Barde and then Deputy Registrar of the Nagpur bench of the High Court Rupesh Rathi first took him to Dande Hospital (3 km from the guest house) in two cars.” This was the statement made by Justice Bhushan Gavai.

“There was no question of taking him in an auto rickshaw (as mentioned in the Caravan report). Judge Barde drove him to Dande Hospital in his own car”, said Justice Shukre.

Justice Bhushan Gavai and Justice Sunil Shukre were the ones who had gone to the hospital that day and made arrangements for the transportation of the body. They also rubbished the claim of Caravan Magazine.

Another claim of Caravan is that the ECG was not done!!! Here is the ECG report

Below is the ECG report of Justice Loya at Dande Hospital in Nagpur!!!

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“He was brought to our hospital around 4.45 am or 5 am. We are a 24-hour trauma centre. There was a resident medical officer at that time who checked him. It’s only after the ECG was taken that we realised he needed specialised cardiac treatment which is not available with us so we advised them to go to a bigger hospital. They went to Meditrina hospital.” This was the statement of director of the hospital, Pinak Dande.

Nothing suspicious!!! Read what Justice Shukre said

“Both Justice Gavai and I went to Meditrina. The then Chief Justice Mohit Shah was also in Nagpur so I called up his principal private secretary to inform him. By the time we reached the hospital, judge Loya was in the ICU. The Chief Justice also arrived at the hospital. All attempts were made to save his life but to no avail. Doctors did their best and the judges’ community did their best to help.”

Even the post-mortem was done genuinely!!!

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A receipt issued at the government hospital in Nagpur names Justice Loya’s relative Dr Prashant Rathi. (Express Photo)

There were about seven to eight judges, including Justice Bhushan Gavai. The judges said a post-mortem needed to be done. A senior police official was called from the Sitabuldi police station for panchnama” said doctor Prashant Rathi. It was Rathi who collected the body if judge Loya and had signed the report of also.

Hansika Raj