Shame! Kejriwal sits inside the car while his security personnel push away the agitated women protesters!

Arvind Kejriwal has proved over the period that he has nothing to do with Aam Aadmi’s woes! In a shocking video that @ANI_news has shared on Twitter, the ruthlessness of Kejriwal towards common people has once again exposed.

Today, former employees of the State Government Hospital tried to approach Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal . The ex-employees, most of them women, wanted to take their grievances to Kejriwal. They have been removed from their jobs from last four months and have been trying to take their plea in the case to the CM. But as it turns out, they have not been allowed to meet Kejriwal all these days in spite of their trying to approach him many times in the last 4 months.


Today, these sacked employees of State government hospital staged a protest in front of Kejriwal’s car. Instead of showing humanity towards the agitated women by speaking to them, Kejriwal stubbornly sat inside the car. His security personnel cruelly forced the protesting women away from the car and coward CM Kejriwal made his escape.

The incident caught on the camera is disheartening to watch. They call their party as ‘Aam Aadmi Party’, but neither the ministers nor their CM is interested to interact or hear out the grievances of the common people. The health minister of AAP, Satyendra Jain has been caught in the Hawala case recently. As per RTI, Satyendra Jain made three foreign trips in one year and the state government has paid 18 lakh RS for the same. CM Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendra Jain visited Rome last year at the government cost. They always travel business class. What could the former employees of State Government Hospital expect from such scandalous Health Minister?

When Delhi was hit with Dengue and Chickengunya diseases, most of the AAP Cabinet Ministers as well as CM Kejriwal and Deputy CM Sisodiya enjoyed their time far away from Delhi. The sacked State Hospital employees must have worked hard during the crisis when AAP ministers were enjoying abroad. It’s sad that the ex- employees have no one to take their appeal to!

Here is the video of the inhuman attitude of Kejriwal towards Aam Aadmi:

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi