Shame! Now Mamata Banerjee attempts to stop Ram Navami celebrations in WB, gets slammed by court!

Thanks to the Kolkata High Court,Hindus finally manage to begin the Ram Navami Celebrations in West Bengal today! Mamata Banerjee and her ministers are not above the law after all! All their efforts to thwart the traditions of Ram Navami celebrations fell flat when the Kolkata High Court gave a green signal to Hindus to celebrate Ram Navami yesterday.

Every year, the Hindu organizations arrange processions and festivities of Ram Navami in more than 200 places in WB. The permission from the WB Government is sought in advance by these organizations. Around 10000-15000 devotees participate in each of the processions of Ram Navami Celebrations.Even last year, the permission was promptly granted by the WB Government.But this year, Ranjan Roy, Councilor of TMC had denied permission to these Hindu organizations when they had met him a month back. He ridiculed the age old practice of procession as unnecessary asking them to celebrate the Ram Navami festival inside their houses. He callously added that the organizations could still go ahead with their celebrations without proper permission from the TMC Government. The Hindu organizations refusing to go the illegal way, filed a case in Kolkata High Court. Yesterday, they received a verdict in their favor.

This is the irony that Hindus who are 70% of the total population of WB need the support of the Court to follow their cultures and traditions! The brutal ground reality of WB is that 70% Hindus of WB are living in suppression and fear of 27% Minority Muslims. Millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators who have established themselves in WB have complete political protection of TMC. These infiltrators along with radicalized local Muslims have made the lives of Hindus torturous! With every passing year, the demography of WB is rapidly changing. The Muslim growth rate in WB is 1.77 per year while Hindu population rate is decreasing by 1.94 % per year. Many districts like Malda, Dinajpur and Murshidabad have become Muslim Majority districts.

TMC flaunts its Pro-Muslim and Anti-Hindu stand openly. Infiltrated Bangladeshi and local Muslims are the precious vote-bank of Mamata Banerjee. The huge posters of Mamata in hijab performing Namaaz welcome us at every corner of Bengal. Mamata’s patronage of Muslims is resulting in Hindu atrocities and exodus. Mamata Government conveniently looks the other way when Dhulagarh, Malda riots happen. When the News channels cover the Hindu atrocities in WB, TMC files a case against such news channels. To put it in a nutshell, TMC is working towards making WB an Islamic state faster than CPM did in their Rule!

The main reason behind this friction on Ram Navami issue is Mamata Banerjee’s phobia of Hindu Unity. Such Processions and Festivities awaken the pride of Hindutva in Hindus. Mamata is actually paranoid about ‘Ram’ being a BJP Weapon. Remember how she made a change in the word ‘Ramdhenu’ (Rainbow) in the Bengali dictionary by replacing it with a secular word ‘Rangdhenu’! Mamata is very much disturbed by the rise of RSS activities in Bengal reawakening the ‘Dhimmi’ Hindus from their stupor of submissiveness! Mamata is scared lest Hindus of West Bengal too thrash Minority appeaser like her the way united Hindus in Uttar Pradesh did!

A day back, Mamata sternly advised the Hindu Organizations not to incite violence and not to divide the people in Ram Navami Processions. The fun fact is that never in the history of Ram Navami celebrations has any violence happened. In fact, in Muslim processions of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, incidents of attacks on Hindus with choppers, stone pelting and looting their shops have been reported and ignored in WB. Minority appeasement of this power-hungry leader has gone above and beyond the level of decency.

Attacks on Hindu festivals are a permanent feature in WB. Last year on Vijayadashami, 12th October, 2016, immersion of Maa Durga was banned by the TMC Government just because the day clashed with Muharram.It was the Court again which saved Hindus from the injustice of Mamata Government. In Kanglapahari village, 300 Hindu families were prohibited by local administration from performing Durga Puja because 25 Muslim Families raised objection.

It’s a wake-up call for Hindus of West Bengal. They are still a majority. United, they can still stand and fight for their existence!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi