Shame of actress Priyanka Chopra!!! This is how she attempted to project Hindus as terrorists in the foreign land and won the heart of Pakistanis

Priyanka Chopra are you genuinely proud of India?? If yes, the nation is waiting for your justification now. For career and monetary terms you moved to another country and shifted your ethics? You actors are what you portray on the screen. You represent a nation in some other country so keep up the dignity and that’s your duty. Just imagine how everyone will treat us all over the world for something that’s not true at all.

Latest episode of “Quantico” is about Hindu men with Rudraksh, who are identified as Indian nationalists with knowledge of Indian government planning a Nuclear attack and blaming Pakistan and the Great Priyanka Chopra with FBI team stops it!!

Facing a nationwide outrage, people are getting aggressive on this act. What Priyanka Chopra did is a serious attack on Hindus, especially Hindu-Americans. I am totally outraged about this. I urge everyone to boycott Priyanka Chopra and her advertisers. She has crossed a line with her garbage lying attack on peaceful Hindus. Shame on her!

The episode which reportedly aired on 1st f June shows an MIT professor planning to target an India-Pakistan summit in Manhattan with a nuclear bomb. This was followed by ‘Indian’, Hindu to be precise, terrorists with ‘Rudraksha’ setting out for the attack with a plan to pin the blame on Pakistan.

The plot had not gone down well with some of the Indian Twitter users, who vented it out on the micro blogging platform.While some called out the makers for the ‘ploy to denigrate India’, ‘bringing shame to the country’, some were upset about equating the country with ‘Terrorists-mother country Pakistan’ and some expressed how such a plot ‘shivers our nerves.’

Apart from calling the story ‘ridiculous’, ‘nonsensical stuff’, they also slammed Priyanka by asking her to have shame on herself, while others called her money-hungry, and some referred to her recent visit to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and how it was in line with the show’s promotions.

No wonder they cancelled Quantico. Just sad that the writers doesn’t seem to know what the viewers want. After almost a year from season 2 this is what they come up with? Extremely disapponted! While in reality , Pakistan is the den of terrorism , and Quantico shows Indians as terrorists trying to put the blame on an innocent Pakistan.

This Bollywood actress disrespecing her nation in an International show just for some fame and money? Shame on you Priyanka Chopra!This is an insult to the country that showered its love for you, all these years!! Whom r u trying to appease? You are portraying a Hindu, wearing Rudraksh Mala as a terrorist in the name of act for the sake of some dollars? The actress revived a series of backlash from the Twitterati, who refused to take this insult on part of their nation:

Throw money at @priyankachopra , she would dance naked at intersection. Only condition is money has to be too heavy to lift. This filth went to beat her chest for Rohingya, but never opened her gutter mouth for KP orphanned children. Unbearably filth..

Shame on you ,you money and fame sucker , people like you are reason why we are not united as country because you are traitor of our country …. My sincere urge to Indian government to ban this conspiracy named Quantico in India as soon as possible …

Source: Deccan Chronicle