SHAME!!! “Pakistan Zindabad” Slogans Raised at Rahul Gandhi’s Rally in Uttar Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi who has been known for his Joker stunts has been again in news for all bad reasons. He somehow seems to be proving every day that he isn”™t fit for politics.

His first blunder during election rally in UP came after organizing “Khat Pe Charcha” which became a huge mockery, as villagers seemed more interested in Khats than Rahul Gandhi”™s speech.

The Samachar Plus posted a video from a Congress rally from Moradabad, U.P which shows people raising Pakistan Zindabad slogans in Rahul Gandhi”™s rally. This will definitely be a huge drawback for Congress which is already facing criticism for being sympathetic towards Pakistanis and terrorism.

The video has gone viral on Social video and people are questioning Rahul Gandhi for his silence on the issue. While India is already facing severe terror threats from Pakistan, this incident has definitely raises questions as to whether these so called secular parties are encouraging such behaviour.

Is Congress Directly Supporting Pakistan for votes ???

Aishwarya S