Shame!!! Rahul Gandhi’s Election Manager resigns from party; Calls Congress an anti-Hindu party

The party that always won elections by breaking the unity of Hindus now tastes the pinch of its own medicine. Rahul Gandhi’s key aide Ashish Kulkarni has resigned on Friday as a member of the Congress Coordination Centre. This has been a big blow to Rahul Gandhi as this proves that he is unable to bind the leaders in its party.

Kulkarni in his resignation letter states that the Congress has moved further to the Left, leaving the centrist space in the country. He also said that Congress has embraced ideology of far-left and has extended sympathy to Kashmiri separatists, JNU protestors and even involved in minority appeasement.

“The Party is now perceived as just another far-Left ‘Anti-Hindu’ party like the Communists, Trinamool Congress and other leftist organisations” Kulkarni added.

Ashish Kulkarni also said that the party is far away from the grass-root reality of India. He bashed the senior leaders who enjoyed all the facilities when being in power but now have failed to address Party’s interest.

He also points out that there is no discussion on key economic issues, foreign policies and development and that the party’s narrative as an opposition party is not appealing to voters.

He attacked the Dynasty politics!!!

“Finally he said that the party is not fair enough when distributing tickets during elections. Today on the privileged with political lineage and/or with money power are the ones being selected”he added.

He nailed the false practises in Congress by saying that the party doesn’t give opportunity to Party workers with commoners’ background at the leadership level.

Mr Kulkarni was involved in the management and co-ordination of almost all State Assembly elections since 2009 till date. He was even in-charge of 2009 & 2014 Lok Sabha elections and even the Presidential elections of 2014.

By this, it is clear that the Congress Party is anti-Hindus. Till date when the BJP or Hindu organisations called Congress anti-Hindus, it shut their mouth by being rhetoric. But what will the Congress say now to the remarks made by the party insider who was fed up of nepotism, anti-Hindu mentality and pro-Pakistan stand?

Nishika Ram